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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Dusty308, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Dusty308

    Dusty308 Living between the lines

    I'm looking for reputable stores online to buy a handgun. If you guys have had good experiences with some places could you let me know.
    I do appreciate the consideration and your time,
  2. kckndrgn

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  3. ghrit

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    Appears like there are two Bud's. Be careful, one of them has really poor feedback.

    I've never bought a gun on line. There is something about tactile feedback that matters to me.
  4. BTPost

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    and remember that you still have to process the SALE thru a local FFL.... ......
  5. KYNabob

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    Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop

    This is the same Bud's as the above post. I have purchased several firearms from them and have always been satisfied with their service, shipping and followup.

    In every case they have shipped same day to my FFL.

    I also have the option of driving an hour and being in their shop for same state purchases. I still order on line often due to free shipping and some of their products are not available in their showroom, only on line.

    I have also read some bad reviews, but there are some people that would complain about room service at the Pearly Gates.
  6. Mountainman

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  7. Pax Mentis

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  8. Dusty308

    Dusty308 Living between the lines

    Thanks all!
  9. +1 to - I bought a new shotgun from them based on their having the lowest price, and was very satisfied with it and their service.
  10. sayety

    sayety Monkey+

    I have use "The Gun Source" a few times. Most of the time no one can beat their prices...but as always it pays to shop around.
  11. Maxflax

    Maxflax Lightning in a bottle

    Another +1 for CDNN.. several perfect transactions with them

    Also Classic Arms
  12. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I prefer Face to Face and although I've purchased quite a few firearms online, I can't say I've ever used an online shop, mostly finding ads posted online by others and arranging shipping to my FFL, who happens to be my dog.
  13. Dusty308

    Dusty308 Living between the lines

    Classic Arms in right down the road from me....THX!
  14. thePeege

    thePeege Monkey+ if you want to buy online. But there's nothing like getting the feel for it in person before you make the purchase.
  15. Maxflax

    Maxflax Lightning in a bottle

    In that I envy you.. they have some great surplus arms from time to time, and I always buy those in person so I can verify condition, numbers etc
  16. Diddy

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    I'd have to agree, Gallery of Guns - Gun Genie is a great site. It directs you to local dealers and lets you see the competing prices. Plus prices listed are out the door, including taxes and any FFL fees. Pretty quick shipping too.
  17. jb1023

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    I've bought a Rem 870 and a M&P9c from Buds and been very happy both times. I use them to price what I want and then shop locally. If I can't find what I want for the price I want to pay locally then I buy it from Buds. I'll have to compare it to CDNN before my next purchase.
  18. fedorthedog

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    I have done business with RSR and J and G, both are wholesalers but if you have to send to a dealer anyway who cares. Find a dealers who will do prepaid orders for 30-40 bucks. I have a dealer that does this for me and we are undercutting some retail prices by as much as 100 dollars.
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