Only 19 seconds of Obummer, PLEASE WATCH THIS

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Legion489, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Only 19 seconds, a must watch before its pulled PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THIS

    PLEASE , PEOPLE pay attention to this -- if you haven't heard about these people before - google their name or their group - these are bad people ..

    Unbelievable!!! Nice that he thinks that huh!?!


    Be sure to pass this on. How will our liberal friends weigh in on this?

    Only 19 seconds,
    Sent by a German friend after the YouTube version from the US was pulled.
    If you haven't heard this you should listen to it. It only takes 19 seconds. It's unbelievable that Obama actually says this out loud! This Obama speech was given at the Bilderberg Group conference in Brussels, Belgium, on May 23, 2014. Obama's comments are chilling - THIS IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER that has been percolating through a number of American presidencies and other world leaders, and now seems to be coming into fruition
    PLEASE pass it on to everyone.
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    OMG, did he really say that... Marshall Law is coming, load and lock time.

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    This is just part and parcel of Obama's structured disassembly of the United States and the imposition of a world-wide tyranny wherein he will be one of the most high muckety-mucks.

    But I think we still have a good shot at stopping him.
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    I'm not a fan of Obama, but this was edited out of context. The transcript of that speech is here:
    Full Transcript: President Obama gives speech addressing Europe, Russia on March 26

    Here is the section of the speech that the two comments were taken fro and edited together:
    "Leaders and dignitaries of the European Union, representatives of our NATO alliance, distinguished guests, we meet here at a moment of testing for Europe and the United States and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build. Throughout human history, societies have grappled with fundamental questions of how to organize themselves, the proper relationship between the individual and the state, the best means to resolve the inevitable conflicts between states.

    And it was here in Europe, through centuries of struggle, through war and enlightenment, repression and revolution, that a particular set of ideals began to emerge, the belief that through conscience and free will, each of us has the right to live as we choose, the belief that power is derived from the consent of the governed and that laws and institutions should be established to protect that understanding.

    And those ideas eventually inspired a band of colonialists across an ocean, and they wrote them into the founding documents that still guide America today, including the simple truth that all men, and women, are created equal.

    But those ideals have also been tested, here in Europe and around the world. Those ideals have often been threatened by an older, more traditional view of power. This alternative vision argues that ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign. Often this alternative vision roots itself in the notion that by virtue of race or faith or ethnicity, some are inherently superior to others and that individual identity must be defined by us versus them, or that national greatness must flow not by what people stand for, but what they are against.

    In so many ways, the history of Europe in the 20th century represented the ongoing clash of these two sets of ideas, both within nations and among nations. The advance of industry and technology outpaced our ability to resolve our differences peacefully. And even -- even among the most civilized of societies on the surface, we saw a descent into barbarism."​
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    He is still slime.

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    The Muslim King.
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    Whew! Thank goodness! Don't remember much as had a conniption and was screaming "MAN YOUR POSTS! LOCK AND LOAD!", and the wife was threatening to call 911!!!!!!! LOL! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:Whew! That was close...:LOL:
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    My initial reaction was to "At last, we have them dead to rights!" and then I watched the video a couple times more after @3M-TA3 's post and can see where it was probably edited, Thanks 3M-TA3 for the post..

    Still.. He was addressing the Bilderberg group..??
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    I don't think there are that many "bilderbergers" now or ever, even in total. Too many to keep a secret or form a conspiracy for longer than it takes one of them to get to the exits.
  10. 3M-TA3

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    He was in Brussels meeting with EU and NATO allies. Personally, I think the edited film may be closer to his thoughts, but that isn't what was on the Teleprompter for him to read that particular day.

    This type of editing is used all the time to fool people - worse, it is also used to discredit otherwise informed people by first duping them and then exposing the dupe. I refuse to be anybodies useful idiot; Instead I shall steadfastly remain a useless idiot...
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    I did let myself get away from my usual scepticism and did not take some time to review that video. Anything that short is suspect.. I do not want to be ANYONE'S fool.. And it go's to show that we should maintain a healthy scepticism and verify every thing through valid sources.
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  12. UncleMorgan

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    Yep--out of context.

    But after reading that honest, humble, warm-hearted, stirring, humanitarian speech, I just can't help thinking that the dirty rat is lying to the Bilderburgers, too.
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    Just in case you haven't noticed, Zusammenschnitt means 'edit'!
    this clip is so clearly edited and taken out of context.
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