Only 64 days left...and counting down?

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    Hmmmmm,... I got this in an email, and I would like your take on this one!

    (August 23, 2011, SEBASTOPOL – Those who have followed my work for any length of time have heard me repeat a quote that was given by the great Professor, Peter Dale Scott, “Disinformation, in order to be effective, must be 90% accurate.” There was one fatal error that kept me from labeling the following film as “the best” disinformation that I have ever seen… It failed.
    Disinformation’s’ first mandate is to sound good and feel good. How else would we willingly swallow something intended to harm us by concealing truth and misdirecting our minds.
    In response to my recent video “Say My F****ing Name” one of many hundreds of commenters left a very nice message and suggested – after calling me a divine messenger – that I watch a brand new movie called “Awakening As One”. That was a title which – by itself – resonated strongly with my belief and hope for a massive shift in human consciousness.
    The very first thing I noticed were the exceptionally high production values, writing, graphics and carefully crafted flow – designed to gently and helpfully – lead the viewer through the assimilation of very difficult and painful facts, while at the same time offering hope and reassurance. It had a great score and the levels were balanced perfectly.
    The very second thing I noticed was that the film had been written, edited, narrated, scored, mastered and released very recently since it made direct reference to the recent debt-ceiling drama. That was just a few weeks ago!
    It struck immediate chords of strong resonance with spiritual beliefs I have developed through my own life’s journey and am quite open about… and personally committed to. Breathtakingly (though without mentioning Peak Oil) the film proved to be such an incredible summation of my life’s work that I started to relax, feeling as though someone or something more eloquent and capable than I am had finally appeared and was filling in the last uncharted regions of a map I have devoted my life to making.
    Many of the beliefs I hold, especially those emanating from native spirituality and Taoism, were eloquently and powerfully presented… It felt like a warm loving blanket being slipped around my shoulders in the chill evening air.
    I have never spent much time studying the Mayan calendar. However, I am one of many billions who – with whatever degree of awareness -- often wonder about the 2012 date and how it reconciles with the events we can’t possibly miss. I mean a caveman would be wondering about the Mayan calendar.
    There was new information – detailed, mathematical, Cartesian – from a scientist I had never heard of, recalculating and adjusting the Mayan calendar. The recalculation segments, matched with more descriptions describing almost perfectly my beliefs about collective consciousness, vibration, and the interconnectedness of all things… were shocking.
    I decided I would eat dinner later. I had to watch all of it. It felt so good.
    Then, to my surprise, the new calculations in the Mayan calendar, started lining up almost perfectly with the predictions I have been making over the last year or so, especially my April alert saying that human industrial civilization had until the end of July before we passed into the current level of collapse. Amazingly, the film said that major economic disasters would start hitting the United States around July 31st and crescendo by the end of October.
    Some of the New World Order stuff made me queasy. But the film was careful to say that this era would not last for long. In fact, what the film turned out to be saying was that we were all going to be burned to a crisp by the arrival of a brown dwarf star that would “purify” the planet.
    In all honesty I cannot rule out the possibility of a cataclysmic extinction event and I don’t think anyone else should either. Nuclear war is, however, what I have at the top of my “cause” list, not the surprise arrival of a dwarf star on our doorstep.
    Still, this elegant film, held me as it – as a result of these recalculations – led me to the outcome I do believe will come and must eventually come. (Whether we are incinerated or not.) Better yet, it told me that everything would be over by October 28<SUP>th</SUP>… of this year.
    That’s just 66 days away. (???)
    (Phew, I thought, there’ll be enough time for me to speak in Portland and sing at a blues jam at Duff’s Garage on September 14<SUP>th</SUP>.) The first-class score kept me reassured and calm as, by the end of the movie, I was relieved that my long life dedicated to one issue would be ending with a “mission accomplished” stamp.
    After watching the movie I had to know more. I started looking through the web site. There was a lot to check. One of the first things I stumbled upon was that – in a “contact” directory including about thirty states and perhaps ten countries, there were email addresses in Ashland, Oregon; Nevada City, Ca; and right here in Sebastopol.
    All three of those cities have played a critical role in my life and career.
    If this movie was right, then I must be some sort of Divine Messenger… And my job was finished. I could just put this video up on Collapsenet and take a 66 day vacation until I went to receive my spiritual equivalent of 75 virgins.
    OK, time for a reality check.
    Feeling the immense glow from this really satisfying movie I sent it out to all of my closest advisors in Collapsenet and friends. Quickly the responses came back “caution” as I knew they would. If nothing else the film had reconnected me to my deepest core belief that everything would turn out OK. I slept well.
    By morning some in Collapsenet’s staff had responded with the same warm resonance that I had. But all of us were still suspicious.
    After going through news stories for the World News Desk this morning and with a fresh cup of coffee I returned to the film’s web site and continued to look around… Then I found the poison pill(s) in a page labeled “the signs”.
    I found Alex Jones. I found Glenn Beck. And I found Jerome Corsi. They were all used as sources for the film’s credibility.
    For those of you who don’t know, Corsi is one of the most shameless liars in history. He was the one who orchestrated the Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry. I debated Corsi on the subject of abiotic oil on George Noory’s Coast to Coast in 2005. He was one of the slimiest con artists I have ever encountered.
    Of late, Alex Jones has been producing some real quality videos. I have a little experience with DVDs and films. There’s some very large money and real expertise behind him. I’ll repeat a belief that I have held and articulated for years that Jones is a paid disinformation agent of the United States government and The Powers That Be.
    Armed with these facts Awakening As One suddenly stood forth in its real objectives.
    • Get the people to accept that nuclear war is imminent and make them embrace it rather than try to prevent it.
    • Get the people to accept that an economic collapse is underway and will worsen rapidly, so that they will not challenge the system.
    • Prepare the people to expect that they will be housed and fed by the New World Order so that they will willingly accept bondage. As I have been saying for years, feeding and housing the American people (even in camps) is not on the agenda. It’s too expensive. As Henry Kissinger might say, “The thing to do with useless eaters is to stop feeding them.”
    • Indoctrinate a new version of the Christian rapture so that everyone will accept the die-off of six billion people as inevitable.
    • Dilute or misdirect Collapsenet’s growing influence (all of Collapsenet’s staff I’ve heard from say that they believe this film was directly and obviously targeted at our work.)
    • If lucky, get me to endorse the film or align with it and then immediately discredit me when the climatic and astronomical events it suggests for September and October fail to materialize.
    If you want to see evil at work, in a really good film, watch Awaken As One. If you want to understand how subtle and how powerful disinformation is, watch Awaken As One. It might be a good idea to watch it since disinformation is pretty much all you’ve been watching for most of your lives. You will learn much and you might not swallow the poison pill the next time it is offered.
    I noticed that Awaken As One has a “donate” button. -- I’ll bet this film gets more donations in a week than all the money Collapsenet earned last year.
    I can tell you these things:
    • I make no claim to being a divine messenger or prophet. I am a servant and that’s all I ever will be, or hope to be.
    • Some really nasty 7hit is coming our way fast.
    • The people that made this film are dinosaurs and they’re desperate.
    • Many people are going to survive and live in the as yet unknown world that is coming quickly.
    • Collapsenet exists to serve them, connect them, and prepare them.
    I will repeat the challenge I issued at the end of Say My F'ng Name. Say my name or kill me.
    P.S. – Somebody tweeted David Crosby about my video. He tweeted back, “Nutjob”. -- MCR )

    Well...I ain't buying it!
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    My response is "WTF?"
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    You need to get new friends who send you information you can actually apply to your life today. I would block emails from this person. This is just more speculative opinionated ******** with no facts to back it up.

    In 66 days we will be preparing for winter and thinking about thanksgiving plans.
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    Mmmm turkey and stuffing...
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    Send him the link from the tin foil thread?
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    the end of the world will come when it comes
    there will be no real warning
    NOBODY will know in advance
    all we can do is be prepped and ready
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    sh*t too.....lmfao
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    Oh God! I needed those great laughs!
    I wonder who sent me this originally....I am Going to go back and send something as absurd and ludicrous to them in return!
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    we need to spam this to the nigerian e-mail accounts ...
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    Sounds like that guy has a case of the "crazies."

    What is happening is planned and controlled. It will be a long, slow strangling. Most people will not even realize anything is wrong until it is too late.

    Slow and steady prepping will win this race.
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    Bump ---- were still here!
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    I was wondering what happened! If I had missed something, ya know like the end?
    Sometimes I sleep late.....Sometimes I forget to sleep at all....
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