Only secure method of communication.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Or these...

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    I think WIRED is still viable as is FaceTime and a very few others, that are End to End Encrypted with no Server in between.... It still remains to be seen, exactly how these tools work, which still needs to be established... Now, MonkeyNet should still be viable, for sure... as long as the PADs are secure....
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    So far it seems nothing beats 1 time pads. Knew an old man in the 1950's who developed a system using some complex math to transmit a huge equation, took several days at the speeds that were in use then to compute in bits. Used a 1 time pad that set seeds at both ends and the transmitted data bits were errors in the expected bits in the equation. The transmitter was always running and thus you really didn't even know for sure if it was in use. No more than 5 to 10 % of the equation was sent before a new set of seeds were used. Don't know how effective it would be today, but couldn't be solved in those days. All the codes in the world are useless if you have either a mole in the system, or as in wiki leaks, someone exposing the messages. Technology can limit the human factor, but it can't prevent it from making all your efforts useless.
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    If they get into your PC, MAC, iOS Android device on the front end, encryption is useless, "they" are just another user.
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    I like the "hack a car crash" concept.
    Hastings dies in a "firey high speed car accident". Nothing suspicious about that until you realize the world we live in is not a Hollywood action movie.
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    Apple re;eased a statement, that MOST of the vulnerabilities that were identified in the WikiLeaks Dump, for IOS have long since been Patched, and those few that are still unPatched will be fixed in the next UpDate....
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    Fine deal, if true. Do we trust Apple? Not me, at least no more than the DOJ and its tentacles.
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