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    I would like to point out that the real difference between our world, and that of Star Trek, is that "They" have NO Energy Shortage. Energy is Basically UNLIMITED, and therefore poverty is basically unlikely because, there is no restraint on Energy usage. If energy is FREE, then slackers can get along just fine, without any help from anyone else, as Food Production is closely tied to Energy Costs. ...... YMMV.....
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    It is worth it to take from those with and give to those without--equality will result in utopia. The proof is Star Trek! No one gets paid, they don't need money because they have every need met. Everyone works hard because they are highly motivated. No slackers when you have creates motivation!

    It absolutely floors me that someone - even a raving Liberal - can, with a straight face, use a totally ficticious literary work/movie as his source of 'proof'! [loco]
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    Easy! That's was me being facetious. I haven't heard this...but from their arguments, that's how they see the world.
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    The real world post 'SHTF' is not utopia, it looks more like 'The Road'
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    Sorry - thought it was the article author...... carry on. :oops:
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    Thanks for reminding me about this movie. Just moved it up to my next Netflix movie.
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    definitely watch the movie do not read the book it does not have any punctuation in it anywhere which makes it a PITA to read not to mention its just a sad somber book from page 1 to page N
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    When the movie came out on video, wife and I watched it..
    And we both wanted to strangle the damn kid by the end of it.

    Daughter read the book and gave it to me, she says the book was much better than the movie.. I havent read the book yet so I dunno..

    Coming from south louisiana/houston/NOLA, I am fully aware of the "entitlement" mentality, and am not the least bit shocked by the attitudes... It will be a total fail, when the system goes down..

    But we all know this, or else, we prolly wouldnt be here.. so, it goes without saying.
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    Sooner or later all things come down. They are either buried, burned or refinished. Some things never change. I was raised in a welfare home(early 70"s late 60's) but my mother was not a slave to the system. She took us out into the woods and we picked berries for jams, we picked blueberries for money to buy our own school clothes. She tried to work but with 5 kids it was impossible for her. My grandfather gave her a small house on his property and all of us lived in that 3 room house. I left home at 17 and turned to drugs and alcohol playing rock music for my income. Not all people are leeches on society. My mother was cheated on by a womanizing man who left us all and ran from the state after killing my brother by accident . She was the rock that pulled us through and made us all finish school. Even me. Yea we had food stamps and hated them. People looked at us like we were scum. People didnt know the truth. Nope, not all are undeserving.

    I see things a little different then most conservatives which is why a cut from the republican party and I see thing differently then most Liberals which is why I cut from the Democratic party. I walk a different path of balance. I have lived through the hell that is welfare. It was in these times as a kid where learned to grow a garden. My mom sent me out to hunt rabbits and catch trout. I learned these things from my father. Even though he was a womanizer and abandoned us his grief of killing his own son ate him alive. That happened on june 6th of 1966 . there were 6 children and it happened at 6 pm in afternoon. Too many 6's for my mother to bear as she told us all that Satan had struck our family.

    The late 60's and early 70's were a nightmare for us. My mom had to take ADC from the government or risk having us taken from the home. She fought them every step of the way. After a while she just stopped complying and the checks stopped coming. When they turned off the power social services came in and took my two brothers and two sisters out of the house and sent my mom to a mental institution. I took them to court at 18 years old and got her released so she could return to her small house. She never got custody returned. My brothers and sisters went to live at my uncles house and Mom was granted social security. She accepted that as she worked for it as a lab tech for chemical company in the late 50's and early 60's.

    I tell you all this because its not black and white. NOTHING IS. Many people on welfare hate it but with disabilities and other things that have been dealt to them they must take the help or perish. I was on my own from age 17. I never took a free lunch or free ride because of the shame and ridicule I felt as a child. Today I see much of our country being forced once again into the nanny state mentality where they( the government) think they no better then we do about how to live our lives. Government intrusion into our lives is the single most wicked thing done to us today. Just try turning off the power and using an outhouse today if you have children in school. Social services will be on you like stink on sh!t.

    You can no longer cut and run. Unless you can provide certain levels of what they call proper living conditions you will be forced to comply or removed to a mental institution. Government intrusion is at the core of all these socialist programs. And dont kid yourselves, its not a Republican /democrat thing. Its a satan thing, an evil thing. I have lived it and seen it from the inside. Burned and scarred into my memory forever. I forgave my father years ago but swore I would never leave my kids and never have. It was my welfare mom who taught me about self reliance, about compassion, about wild foods, gardening, compost piles, raising chickens, curing meat freezing and everything I use today. She fought the system and was destroyed by it. They took her kids, her dignity and her LIFE BUT THEY NEVER TOOK HER FAITH. On her death bed she looked at all of us and roared JESUS SAVES. It chilled us all to the bone. She passed a few hours later quietly. Her fight is my fight today. Its Ron Paul's fight as well. Liberty. My welfare mother taught me the meaning of liberty. Kingfish
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    Mea culpa....

    To Kingfish and BTPost:

    My intent in the post above (#20), was not to call ALL people on welfare, or who has ever had to use welfare lazy/shiftless. I was using the link to point out the differences between liberal and conservative ideology. It was by no means to slight people who have ever had to be on it

    There are certainly times when the hardest working American, or disabled American can be put in situations where the only option is some type of public assistance. When they get back on their feet, they stop needing the assistance. If they are infirm and cannot get well, this never happens and they are there for life. I don't think these are the "shiftless" people conservatives in the link above would have a problem with. Rather, it is the lifetime welfare consumer who, all the while accepting public help and sees themselves as entitled to it, keep consuming and do nothing to better their situation. After the law in 1996 (TANF), it is possible "use up" your benefits and get kicked off. But there are a great many who recidivate and get back on the rolls and start the whole process over.

    There is a great, unjustified stigma about getting assistance in this day and age and it is because of these people. Conservatives often associate welfare to blacks/welfare moms/ghettos. What that does is stigmatize those who just need a temporary hand. Aid to the poor has been around since Caesar's time. It is just a fact of living that there are going to be times that people need a little help from their neighbor. Back before the 1930s in the U.S., what did people do? There was no welfare...but, there was aid to the poor through churches/civic groups...and unfortunately "poor farms." It's not a new phenomenon.

    So, if I slighted either of you in any way, that was not my intent. And that goes for any other Monkey who has fallen on hard times and needed a hand.
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    I dont talk about my past easily. Many of the years after that period are a fog of mixed memories and drunken,drugged tirades. I woke up in ditches, strange bedrooms and destroyed three marriages. Every time I went down the wrong road my mother was there to tell me I needed to turn back. I wanted to punish myself for the past. I almost self destructed in 1998 . I came face to face with god on a concrete floor in a fetal position. From that came Alcohol treatment and then church. I had to find the bottom before I could climb out. Ill tell you what, the climb is much easier with Jesus holding your hand.
    Today I know who my enemy is. I see him all around me. I see him in politicians, preachers, wars, liberals and conservatives,muslims and christians. No one can escape him. But we can deny him. Oh yes put him under your boot. God placed him there and it is his rightful place.

    I saw Satan in that video. I saw him laughing at those who condemned the innocent along with the guilty. He laughed at me for feeling that old hurt again. Then mom came roaring back up and he ran like the stain he is. Evil is weak and has no place in a strong mans life. Today , take a stand. Put Satan under your boots . Do it for mom.
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    I know your intention was good. No slight here. You see I know the truth in both sides. And there is truth in both sides. This is why I walk the ground I walk. Judge a man or woman for that matter by the fruit they yield. There are two women in that video who had vastly different lights. One had cancer and no way out. She had a real need. The other had a dark black cloud around her. It reeked of multiple men who care not for their children. She is in real trouble with her life and her children are destined for misery. This is a great thread Guit. These are things that are like boils on the a$$ of society. They need to lanced and drained of the poison inside. They need to hit bottom so the people can find their way out.
    Satan was the reply in the blog under the article. He was the one who said take that last pill and die bitch.( John Welsh) read carefully his responses and his brothers above. These guys are White supremists. Scroll down and you will see the ugliness of him. That is what prompted my response. Your bringing it to the table was like lancing the boil. Not enough people are even willing to talk about issues like this.
    So Guit, I love ya man. Kingfish
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    I feel "no slight" as I know who, and what I am, and I know full well, what my relationship is, with MY GOD. My self-esteem, does NOT depend on what others think of "Me", it only depends on "What I think of "Me" and I am my own harshest critic..... ..... Your Opinions are Yours.... and Mine are Mine...
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    Sooner or later everyone needs help of some kind or the other; however when I read 5th generation on the dole I wonder....
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    Yup, that is the future that woman with 6 kids is passing on to her children . Instead of fighting to not be forced into taking welfare she is demanding it. Not one of my brothers or sisters has ever taken a dime from the Government. Been there lived it. We were raised better.
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    The more kids; the more money. A pity it doesn't work in a similar fashion for the rest of us.
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    Understood Kingfish.

    I didn't read the replies...not worth the time of any man.

    I would suggest, however, any Monkey interested in the theme of this topic to read this book. I found it quite illuminating when I read it. It has nothing related to survival per se...maybe survival of the mind in the times in which we live. Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life (9780520205680): Robert N. Bellah, Richard Madsen, William M. Sullivan, Ann Swidler, Steven M. Tipton: Books
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    I dont even have to read the book the title says it all to me. My code of arms. Individual liberty and my commitment to it. That is what America was founded on. The principles were granted us by God and our founding fathers saw them as SELF EVIDENT. But Ill have to read it because I love a good book. Thanks. KF
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    I live with my disabled mother and take care of her, and my health isn't that great either, but I'm trying to make it so we don't need her disability payments. And that's why a friend told me once that's why she doesn't mind hiring me to do odd jobs for 'em, because we're not one of the 'entitlement society', and like EARNING things, not taking handouts. Quite a few odd jobs I've had over the years I really didn't WANT to do and were hard on me physically, it's just that the bills are very rude and won't pay themselves.
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