Only the Insane Would Let Murderers into a Country to kill us then turn around & Blame the people

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    Only the insane would let murderers into a country to kill us and then turn around and blame the population. I

    Steve, as I look at the political spectrum I am fully convinced this
    country has completely fallen and turned it's back on the Lord. When God
    was taken out it was only a matter of time until Satan and demons filled in
    the void. I am convinced God has allowed this because we have become
    wicked. It is evident in the culture and it can be witnessed in the news
    every day. We are a people who have become demonically possessed. It is
    clearly seen in our politicians who are allowing our demise. There is no
    man who can stop this, America can't put it's hope in Trump (although I
    will vote for him), prayer is needed but who prays anymore? The pulpits are
    vacant and void. Where are the pastors? Why do I hear crickets when I
    should be hearing the mighty word of a living God being propelled from
    every corner of the nation. The churches have been bought out and paid for,
    the pastors are leading their congregations to hell like the pied piper
    leading children over a cliff. I tremble for this nation, my children and
    the future. Only the insane would let murderers into a country to kill us
    and then turn around and blame the population. I am at my wits end, I pray
    but I don't see the evidence of this country being saved at all. The times
    are very disturbing and I don't see a bright future for my children in this
    country that is going completely insane and being run by demonic
    politicians who rule against the will of the people and who are afforded
    cover by the press/media.


    Letter to Steve Quayle.
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    That's a pretty good take on things for the most part.
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  4. pearlselby

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    It was a letter to Steve Quayle.
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    I don't know the name?
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    You are very welcome.
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  9. Legion489

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    I can not fault a single thing there. America HAS turned it's face from God, we ARE under God's Judgement and it WILL get worse from here on out.
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