Oops deleted in error genset in NC for sale

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by ghrit, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Don't know if this is the correct thread. But I received this in an E-mail. Don't know much about it but thought someone may be interested. Contact info below.

    Military 10kw generator on trailer. Very low hours, runs good. Very rugged, EMP shielded, made for long term use this is not a typical lawn mower engined set you get at the home improvement store. Single or three phase selectable. Call for more details if interested. $3400 with trailer or $2800 without- most places charge more than $3400 for a set without a trailer.

    Old Grouch's Military Surplus, 82 Main St, Clyde, NC 28721

    Edit: ghrit pulled a classic error, deleted the post while attempting to move it. My appologies to @Altoidfishfins
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    a dear friend of mine had one of those he had it rigged to weld with and if he lost power he had power for the house
  3. Great sets. I have the smaller 002A version of this (not on a trailer). Easy to work on, easy to keep going. Only a few problematic points to be worried about. Make sure it runs and puts out power, and you should be quite happy :)
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