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    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Uncle Morgan is building things, and needs parts by the thousand.

    If you are set up to cold-cast polyurethane, I have 2 pieces I need made to order in 1,000 quantity each.

    If you are set up for stamping gaskets with steel rule dies, I have 2 pieces, both 1,000 qty., to be cut from plastic sheet.

    If you are set up to do CNC machining, I have a very large number of different parts, each running in lots of up to 1,000 pcs.

    If you can do pad-printing, I have two pieces (1,000 ea.) that need marking.

    Wind little springs for fun & profit? I need two types, in 1,000 and 4,000 lots.

    Print adhesive labels on foil? I need 500 each in two sizes. (But I'll go for 1,000 ea. if necessary.)

    Make wooden boxes? I need one with inner dimensions of 8" W X 13.5" L X 1.125" HT. Pine or whatever. That's 500 per lot.

    Each of these parts will probably be up for reorder X about TEN during 2016. (We think!)

    Email me at [email removed Please start a conversation as ghrit suggested] (edited out in the interests of OPSEC for Uncle. Use conversation for initial contacts - ghrit) and I will provide prints as necessary. Important: Put "Prep Source" in the subject line.

    (Thanks, ghrit. That's okay by me!)

    PLEASE DO NOT ask me what I'm building. This a straight-up commercial enterprise with a certain amount of OPSEC that has to be maintained until we roll the product out. When we do, I'll show it here, in detail.

    Being a commercial enterprise, UncleMorgan will pay CASH (We don' need no e-steenkin credit!) to all chosen suppliers.

    This can be a long term, large quantity opportunity if you are ALREADY set up to make things in the USA.

    No China-sources, no middle-men, no product finders, no manu. reps. This is an offer only for preppers (& their families) THAT MAKE THINGS. If your Uncle Albert has a machine shop, he's invited to inquire with your recommendation. Even if he hasn't been bit by the prepper-bug. (Yet.)

    On this day I have personally searched more than 400 companies on ThomasNet looking for the parts I need. I already knew that most of our manufacturing capability had been outsourced to the Third World.--but now I'm finding that it's much worse than I thought.

    Our group will buy NOTHING that isn't Made in the USA.

    UncleMorgan is not looking for freebies, favors, or cut-price work. Anyone that quotes one of our parts will get an acceptance or be declined in due time. So put in your fairest-to-all offers and be sure that we will NOT come back and try to grind your price down.

    Hey, if the Amish can build a barn in a day, us Preppers should be able to build a what-the-heck-iszat? pretty quick, too.

    UncleMorgan will post here again when the window closes on this parts call.

    In the mean time, party on, dudes. (Cocoanut, anyone?)
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  2. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Made some progress, but it's time to close this out. I appreciate the responses.
    End of Thread.
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