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    I have never had any overwhelming desire to be a mainstream “tactical trainer.” When I started the blog, I was asked repeatedly by readers to start teaching classes, so I did. I still do.

    What I won’t do….can’t do….is invest my family’s money in a piece of land somewhere, dedicated to teaching classes. That would require me to a) start targeting my articles on the blog to draw potential clients/students, including watering down my content, and b) have the foresight and intelligence to choose a spot that was centralized enough to allow me to draw from a large population base, to ensure I could get enough students to make the mortgage payments on that land, pay my rent, and feed my wife and kids.

    In any case, that would require me to do things I’m just not willing to do.

    I continue teaching classes, on the side, when I can. As it stands currently, I have a metric shit-ton of private, closed training classes coming up, ranging from Idaho to Tennessee, and a host of places in-between. I don’t list those classes on the blog, because, well…for whatever reasons, they are private.

    I keep getting emails though, asking me where my list of upcoming open-enrollment classes are.

    Folks, I don’t have a list. I have exactly one upcoming open-enrollment class, in southern Idaho, coming up the beginning of next month. Assuming all who have emailed that they are coming to that class actually get their deposits in, and show up, we have a VERY limited number of slots left in that class. Beyond that, I have zero open-enrollment classes coming up.

    The only way for there to be more open-enrollment classes, is for there to be people who are willing to host those classes.

    We offer combat rifle, clandestine carry pistol, patrolling/small-unit tactics, Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Grid-Down Medicine, vehicle-based patrolling operations, and CQB/Fighting in Structures. If you are interested in hosting one of these classes, as an open-enrollment class, email me, and I will forward you the information on what that involves. It’s actually, generally, a pretty painless experience, according to the past hosts I’ve discussed it with.

    As I mentioned in the post about the Idaho Falls class that is coming up, because of some changes in our personal/professional life, separate from the blog and books, we are actually able now, to offer classes further east than we were previously willing/able to do, in the same cost ranges that we have previously offered them in the West.

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