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  1. evilgijoe88

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    what does everyone thing about the pro's and cons of open v.s concealed carry? examples and experiences in particular. from what i have seen, open carry is a moderate deterrent to crime but from what i have heard that the escalation of violence is far higher. as in the criminal that approaches almost feel as if he/she has something to prove. thanks for any shared info
  2. E.L.

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    I would rather the criminal not know I was armed, while some may be deterred by the firearm on your hip, others might see you as the first target to eliminate.
  3. Blackjack

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    I've carried both ways..... and I have to agree with EL, concealed is best in my opinion. If you are attacked, you don't want to have the bad guy knowing he has to reach for your gun. And sometimes ordinary citizens can get downright "rattled" by the appearance of a firearm.

    One exception.... I will admit to purposefully carrying in plain view when I used to live at an apartment complex near Louisville that we "affectionately" called "little mexico" and "the bario". In that situation, I wanted my neighbors to know that I was armed and that it was best to stay completely clear of me, my wife, and my apartment. It was amazing how little trouble we had compared to our other caucasion neighbors. I attribute that to the deterrence factor that a gleaming Colt King Cobra on the hip imparts. Nobody ever said a word to me, didn't hang out in my yard drinking beer, and didn't sit on my car like they did everyone elses. In fact, when I would walk out to get my mail, little groups would scurry away like cockroaches in the light. It was rather entertaining.

    Now I don't suggest you take from this story that it's ok to use carrying as a method of intimidation...... that will only get you in trouble. But in some cases, I firmly believe that discreetly letting the bad guys know that your NOT an easy target has it's merits.
  4. evilgijoe88

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    blackjack, while i do carry openly. i do so only in hope of avoiding issues. im not a macho Rambo that says bring it on. i asked the question to get as many people as possible that are willing to share their experiences as to whether open v.s. concealed helped to deter crime. as that is my goal, to avoid having to ever draw my side arm. i know that this is not a perfect world and it may become needed to do so, but my hope is to minimize the fact by showing that i do have the capability to protect first and foremost my family.
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    No, I didn't think you were a rambo or anything :) My last paragraph was more of an automated disclaimer that I seem to automatically add these days :)

    I think your reasoning is sound. When I carry on my hip instead of in my pocket, I keep a long overshirt draped over the gun. That way it can remain unseen, or a glint of stainless steel can easily provide the necessary warning if appropriate.

    I carry one of 3 ways:
    #1/Minimal - Double Barrel 38 derringer in the front pocket
    #2 - 357 snubby in the front or back pocket
    #3 - 357 King Cobra on the hip

    I've been looking for excuses for a long time to join the 45 acp crowd, one of these days I'll make the jump.

    What/how do you usually carry?
  6. evilgijoe88

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    since i havnt felt the need to carry concealed here yet( Oregon allow open carry according to every lawyer and sheriff that I've asked here) i carry openly. i usually carry my old school .38 revolver( gotta love surplus buys) or a .380 hi-point. i know they dont have the best rep, but it hasnt failed me yet and if it does, the weight will allow me to beat someone with it. i usually keep lawman brand P+ ammo in the 1st clip with tmj's in the second all on a hip holster outside my shirt.unless im in a vehicle then i follow all other laws and place in on the dash.i know that .380 isnt the best defense weapon, but it will have to sub until i can afford the Glock 17 in 9mm. my girl carries her 9mm glock -17 and i love it. we do want to be able to protect our child from any and all harm.
    thanks again for listening and responding.
  7. ghrit

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    FWIW, I've never carried open unless in the field for some reason or another. It's a mite difficult to hide a 357 on my scrawny carcass, ditto a full size 1911 unless the weather calls for at least a jacket so I can look at least unassuming and innocuous. The idea of open carry in town around here would, little doubt, attract more attention than would be good.

    I think I need a smaller carry piece --. Hm --
  8. Seawolf1090

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    When sunny Florida gave us concealed carry, we lost the option of open carry. Seems we could have either one, but not both! In most cases, I would prefer CCW, but there are times when open carry could be good.
    Still need to get my CCW, and that'll give me the excuse for a new synthetic-framed compact pistol. The ol' M1991A1 is too heavy for carrying for long.
  9. E.L.

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    In Blackjack's scenario, yes I would have openly carried also. I would have wanted the wolves to know that I was not a sheep, but a wolf with rather large .357 Magnum teeth. In my situation though, I would rather the perp(s) see me as a sheep, when in reality the sheep has a .45 ACP stoked with 230 gr. Hydra-Shoks hidden in it's wool.

    Ghrit, there are a lot of different ways to carry, for all body types. Larger shirts, IWB holsters (buy a Milt Sparks Versa-Max II and you will NEVER regret it), and a lot of quality gear available. If you want to carry a 1911 look at the micro models, the Colt XSE light weight commander this is the best deal on one I have seen). Even carrying a NAA .22 magnum mini-revolver, or a Keltec .32, or .380 is better than the .500 Mag. that was left at home. That .22 mag. is a hot little round, and the Keltecs are very highly thought of. I know cops that carry them as back up and concealed carry weapons. I just picked up a .32 (the .380's get sold very quickly) they are tiny, but very reliable. I bought a side clip for it and when I put it in my pocket all you see is the clip, it looks just like a typical folding knife.

    You are running out of excuses now [beat]. Be armed, one day you might make the difference in someone's life, very possibly your own. Don't be a victim.

    hollowpoint (Medium)1.JPG
  10. BigO01

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    Well in my opinion open carry is a great deterrent for the punks with big mouths who might do something to you if they have you severely out numbered or you have some physical reason for being unable to just kick their azzes . In other words 95% of most slime balls .

    Problem is when you run into those 5% you will be the number one target they go after just like an on duty LEO is .

    Open carry in most states or at least in the major cities is I think a bad idea because you will have everyone paying attention to you therefore making sorting the potential dangers from the gawkers very difficult .

    Another problem is the complete stupidity of the people in cities who may decide to confront you with their beliefs on guns or their curiosity or that of their children's who may want to touch your gun . All very potentially dangerous situations if there is someone in the area wishing to take advantage of you being distracted .

    If armed like others I would prefer for it not to be known to anyone for all the above reasons and more .
  11. E.L.

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    If I lived in a state where open carry was permitted, I would be tempted to carry that way at times just because always carrying concealed can be a PITA. Also, while strategically I think that carrying concealed is a good idea, to further our rights I think that open carry is a good idea as it stirs discussion about the right to carry. Use it or lose it.
  12. Clyde

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  13. Quigley_Sharps

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    You can carry in the open here in Oregon,I do it all the time.
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