OpenBSD has FBI backdoor, claims contractor

Discussion in 'Technical' started by VisuTrac, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Certainly ain't saying that isn't so, but do you have any idea how big a conspiracy that would have to be to get away with it for more than . . . about an hour? :shock:
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    While anythings possible, open source, community built systems are pretty highly scrutinized by 1000s of sets of eyes with most of those eyes being focused on security holes.
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    After researching this further, it looks like nearly every crypto system that was made possible by .gov supercomputers before we had the personal processing power to process the complex 128 and 256 bit algorithms, is suspect - which is nothing new...

    Good time for a crypto newcomer to hit the scene with an open source encryption system.
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    I see that this article was written a year ago... ( Dec 16, 2010 9:08 AM) so it is really OLD News, and IPSec Stack have been rewritten, and modified, for OpenBSD significantly since then. If there were any BackDoors, in there, I suspect they have been long deleted. Way to many Eyes and Brains looking at that code, to last very long. This is one reason we used the Open Sourced GPG Encryption System, as one of the Secure Systems on the MonkeyNet. Almost Impossible to crack, (Never been a Documented Case of a successful Crack by anyone, to the point that SOME US Courts have now taken to REQUIRING people to ENTER the PassPhrase manually) and MANY, MANY, Eyes, and brains have looked at the code for just this kind of BackDoor. ...... YMMV..... TGFT Nuke Button.......
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