Operation Dark Heart

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    Another one I finished in 2 days! This one is no fantasy though - it will make you mad when you read about all the incompetent idiots in our government and what they did to kill programs like Able Danger which should have stopped 9/11 but couldn't because it was scrapped.

    The author of this book was contacted by the 9/11 Commission while in Afghanistan and he told them about Able Danger. Later back in the States he was prepared to show them all the documents and charts that went with it, but they said they didn't need them. Huh? Then when the final report comes out there's no mention of AB at all - it was hushed up only to come out later.

    Good book, but weird to read because it was redacted prior to release because of US Gov't concerns that it would hurt our troops. Unredacted copies are going for $4k to $7k on ebay, so it was a redacted copy for me.
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    Make sure you check the redacted information in the original copy. You can look them up online.
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