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    Just read the boook "World Made by Hand" (not a bad read). It is about a post-peak oil world. One thing that it mentioned was opium poppies to make laudnum. That might not be a bad thing to grow. We tried to grow them in a greenhouse business we ran but you aren't allowed to sell the plants in the U.S.. You can sell seed, buy seed, or grow the plants-you just aren't allowed to sell/buy the plants. And they don't look different from ornamental poppies. If everything breaks down, some sort of pain medication would come in awfully handy.
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    It sounds good as strictly a PSHTF medicine for emergencies and such. Do you have any info on buying seed, raising plants and making medicine?
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    We found the seed a few years ago from an herb seed supplier (I will try to find the catalog). Growing poppies are easy-they come up pretty well. Freeze the seed for a few days/weeks and plant (if you have a greenhouse you can start them in plug sheets). After the plant blooms, you leave the seed pods and let them dry. You can harvest the seeds from them. Later after the plant is established (2-3 years), you can take root cuttings or divide the clump to make new plants. I haven't a clue about making the actual medicine. It would be scary stuff but what if there wasn't anything else?
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    The pods, if you cut/slice them them the alkaloid compound that makes the opium oozes out.

    I didn't think the seeds were legal in the US. They have poppies that are legal to get but the non prescription kind.

    There are many local plants/weeds that have sedative effects. Catnip for instance has a mild sedative effect if eaten, and yes even on humans!

    I would suggest "petersons field guide on medicianl plants and herbs".
    ISBN #0-395-98814-4

    good SHTF TEOTWAWKI reading.
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    Why not just grow mullin? The seeds can be made into a very strong pain medicine and it does not have the addictive properties that opium does.

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    Why would we not want to smoke the Opium pipes? mmm mmm good
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    ht tp://www.wesjones.com/pollan1.htm

    Firstly - 99% of all poppies are opium poppies
    Second - They can be grown easily is most climates (including North America)
    Third - A cheap alternative - pay a visit to your local supermarket and check out the spice/baking aisle. The poppy seeds they sell are viable seeds and they grow very well. If they are blue-gray seeds from the Netherlands or Canada they will yield high quality, high grade opium poppies.

    I have more info on poppies, laudanum, and (thanks to the DEA for posting it on their website!) step-by-step instructions on how to turn opium into morphine in primitive conditions. I won't be posting any of that info in this forum. If you're interested send me a message and I'll email you.

    PS Just in case you were worried - I'm not the local crack head [stoner] I'm a Certified Herbal Consultant


    Please be aware that the legalities surrounding poppies in North America are a maze of technicalities and loopholes. In a nutshell though, if you do not know how to extract the latex from poppies (or which species contain opiates) and you plant them in your garden you are safe. If you do know how to extract the latex from poppies (or which species contain opiates) and you plant them in your garden, you are culpable for possession of a narcotic, and if you have a large amount you could possibly be charged with trafficking. Be very wary of what you tell your neighbours!!

    The punishment in Canada for a first offence for possession is a maximum 6 months in jail and up to a $1000 fine. For repeat offenders, the maximum penalty for possession of Schedule II narcotics is 5 years imprisonment. The penalties in the US are much more severe!
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    Are you sure it's not the root that it's made from OGM? I'm not positive, but from memory, I'm pretty sure that mullein seeds are toxic...
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    I have no idea one way or the other on the mullein but it may well be correct that the seeds would be both toxic and what was used...like the old herbalist adage 'that which kills can also cure'. Seems that most pain killers and such, even the natural ones are also toxic to some point or another.
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    The entire plan has the compounds to make a pain medicine, the seeds have the most. No they are not toxic.

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    if you ever have to take a urin test for drugs make sure you have not eating a poppy seed bagel or any rolls that have poopy seeds on them ..you will fail a drug test
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    i was once in a school play and i played the part of the poppy ..it was a red poppy kind of like they dont grow in the stan ..or up in the triangle ..but iv seen poppies being grown as an oramental .. one thing is those same plants have to be grown in whole fields to do any thing ..but like said in my last post on this dont eat any thing with a poppy seed in it you will fail a drug test ..you wont get high but you will fail it as if you were high .. you will test dirty ..
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    and when i played that part in in a play i was in the first grade ..and i forgot my lines for a minet ..i must of been nodding
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    nodding?i heard that term a lot in rehab in the 80s.lol[freedom]
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    Mullein contains Coumarin and Rotenone. Coumarin that will thin your blood If you are bleeding you might bleed out and Rotenone causes parkinsons disease like symptoms. Both compounds are used in insecticides and for vermin control. If this is the plant that you are talking about I cam see the uses for it but also need to put out this word of caution Trial and error can kill so learn and study before you experiment. Let me know if I am talking about the wrong plant. They are non addicting compounds.
  20. +1 to the poppy seeds commonly sold in the US being of the papaver somniferum strain - the opium poppy. Yes, that includes the poppy seeds for baking and the already seeded rolls - you can grow those and harvest opium from them. It is, however, highly illegal to so harvest - though posession of theplant without intent to do so is legal. Once the pods have reached the right stage of maturity, they are scored with a knife and the resulting sap which oozes out IS raw opium.

    Again, this is for informational use only - I certainly don't advocate anyone breaking the law!
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