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    Once again underlining the fact that OPsec is extremely important....
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    My nosy neighbors!
  3. beast

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    sounds like most of my family
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    I'm lucky in that respect. Mine think I'm NUTS, and I like that!
    I know they will stay as far away from me as if I had the Bubonic plague!
    So, it's a good thing!
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    This is why it PAYS to run your own eMail Server.... No one can see your eMail, except you.... or if they do, they do it while committing a Federal Felony....
  7. beast

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    well, if i knew how to become my own email server id do it :p
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  9. BTPost

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    Ok, So how do you setup your own eMail Server?

    1. Find an old computer, that doesn't use a lot of power. (Old Laptops work
    well, as an eMail Server)
    2. Decide on an OS to run on the Server, and then get a SMTP eMail Package
    from one of the many venders, that support your chosen OS.
    3. Read the documentation, that comes with the package, and then reread it
    again, till you understand what you read. Google is your friend here.
    4. You need a REAL Internet IP ADDRESS, and not a SubNet of your ISPs
    Network. If you ISP is feeding you a subNet, then ask what a Real Internet
    Address will cost you, and get one. You need to setup your own domain.
    Many use their Name.com, or .net, or some use their zipcode.com, or
    .net. I have done both. When you register your Domain, Setup the DNS A
    Record and MX Record for your domain, to your Servers IP Address, and
    start your Server. Test it all out and your then YOUR OWN eMail Server.
    5. You are now the Admin for your own email. You can add people, and give
    them their own eMail addresses on your system. You can decide how big of
    attachments you will allow to incoming eMails. You can decide how tight to
    make your SPAM filters. You now are the BOSS, of your own stuff.

    I have been running my eMail domain for 30 years, on what now is a Mac Mini sitting on a T3 line, in my partners basement in Seattle. It does eMail, DNS, Web Hosting, and FTP Serving, for myself, my partners, and a few others that have joined our little group. We started with an old Mac Laptop, and it grew, over then years, to what we have now. I think it was booted last, 1.5 years ago, and is headless. (No Monitor or Keyboard) We deal with it over a VPN Link. (Virtual Private Network) with VNC applications, built into the Mac OSX System that we run. I haven't changed much in the last ten years, except to add and delete Users, from the eMail system, and update the Websites, about once a year. It just sits there and runs. When you goto my Websites, they are all served from that little box in Seattle. eMail goes there as well, and once every 5 minutes the server sends any new eMails up to my local Server, here in Alaska, over the SAT based IP Link, that brings me my internet. So, when I read my mail I am getting it from my local Server, and if the SAT based link goes down, all the mail just spools up in Seattle, till the link comes back up, and then it get forwarded up the link. It isn't hard to learn this stuff, and once it is setup and working doesn't take a lot to maintain it, even if it isn't a simple system as you grow it. ..... YMMV....
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    Sorry to reserect an old thread but i just had to add something for electronic opsec.

    before you go anywhere for awhile or just at the end of your session.....scub your browser history.
    My wife didnt do this. We have been having problems for a while. Now i know just how bad thing were ( always the last to know) she has been cheating on me with at least 4 other guys.
    so in review.....if you are doing something that you dont want other people to know about....scrub your browser.
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    Even with these settings, in the event your browser crashes you must start it back up and ensure it isn't going to give the next user the option to restore the previous session.
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  12. limpingbear

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    my little netbook is set up to clear history everytime it closes....has been for a long time.
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    I have the ultimate in E - OPSEC in my opinion.
    I have internet and e-mail, ISP account is in wife's name.
    I have an old Motorola flip phone from before all the smart phone crap.
    I get my pay in a check, I pay my bills at a teller in cash.
    If I buy something on the internet, I buy a visa gift card and use that. If I need to, I will register the card to my name so I can purchase stuff like ammo.
    I have one credit card for emergencies and 90% of the time it is in the safe in the safe.
    I have checks but I dont use them and they are locked up too.
    I dont have notebooks, wireless internet, no ipads, no iphones, no laptops, no direct deposit, no automatic bill pay, I dont need none of it!!
    I use cash and get a recipt.
    I do have a good savings plan as well and that I am going to keep my little secret, my wife, me, and my father are the only three that know and that is how it will stay.
  14. limpingbear

    limpingbear future cancer survivor....

    yeah...i get to start all over again. Looks like the Reno area now. i dont have a credit card, and dont want one either. this time my wifes lapse in opsec works to my advantage....i got proof of her infidelity when it comes time to file the paperwork....
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    It's a hell of a way to discover your soon-to-be ex wife's secret life, but better to discover it now than later. Best wishes go with you.
  16. limpingbear

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    thanks chelloveck,
    yeah....it sucks to find out this way. the only reason i havent left already is my daughter and finances.....oh well.....
    her **ckup....
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    what Chello said.
    Good Luck dude.
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