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    From Safecastle LLC to our many friends here at Survival Monkey actively involved in preparing for the future ...

    We'd like to ask that you consider opting-in here to our email-notice system (you can opt-in to the email list and/or join the buyers club at the linked page). Every once in a while, we will be sending out direct notification to our friends of special buying opportunities. Our business continues to grow and we thrive on providing unique new money-saving offers to our special qualified group of customers like you.

    Please note that we have very recently adapted our business model to better serve your needs.
    • We have a dedicated website at www.safecastle.com for our best-in-class shelters and saferooms.Right now, for the first time ever, and for a limited time, all our shelters are on sale!!
    • The number of our eBay store offerings at www.safecastle.net have been reduced to allow for easier navigation and a better focus on the most popular, core products desired by our clients.
    • Best of all, we have opened a pair of new websites devoted to a new buyers club, Safecastle Royal. The club offers members lifetime access to products at 15-25% savings or more everyday, plus free shipping on everything we sell (except the shelters). Check it out at www.safecastleroyal.com
    • Lastly, we now accept credit cards directly over the phone for any purchase. We still offer Paypal and cashiers check order processing, but now a toll-free call to 1-877-673-2394 (UR SO READY 4) makes buying from us easier than ever.
    Thank you for allowing Safecastle LLC to be a trusted partner in your crisis preparedness efforts. We cherish our relationship with you and hope to continue to develop your trust in what we can do to help.

    To ensure your continued access to our one-of-a-kind buying opprtunities, please opt-in today.

    All the best,

    JC Refuge

    Don't forget to stay current via our blog, "Refuge" - www.safecastle.blogspot.com
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