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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elessar, May 29, 2013.

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    I placed an order with Optics Planet 20 days ago. As is their policy, I received an email confirmation of the order within 24 hours of placing the order. I have not received any other communication from anyone at Optics Planet since my order was placed. I have checked the status of the order three times since placing the order to find out that that status of that order was "on hold." After 20 days, I decided to cancel the order and search elsewhere for the item.

    When I called Optics Planet customer service to cancel the order, while I still had my order status on my computer screen, I was informed that my order "had been approved" and was shipping today. The customer service agent informed me that the information that I was viewing on my computer screen was inaccruate and not to be relied upon for order status and that I would not be allowed to cancel my order since the order was in "shipping status." The customer service rep further went on to inform me, talking over me while I was objecting to the shipment of the order that I wanted to cancel, that the order would ship, dispite my desire to cancel the order, and that I would need to complete an RMA (return material authorization) to receive credit for the amount of the order. The rep then hung up on me.

    I would have informed them that this would be the last item I would order from Optics Planet but I was talking to myself at this point. Basically, since the customer service personnel wasn't really trying to help me, I was talking to myself most of the phone call anyway. I have placed Optics Planet on par with Cheaper Than Dirt and I would caution anyone else from trusting them to fulfill any orders or deliver anything that might resemble customer service. At this point, I would describe Optics Planet as providing "customer Dis-service."

    I won't be spending any of my money with them anymore.
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    LOL! sorry to chuckle at your experience but I know what it is like to have those customer service people hang up on you. Sends me straight through the roof, I don't even count to 10 before calling them back. Thanks for the heads up on Optics Planet.
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    I would call them back and ask how the order was shipped. If they say UPS or FedEx, tell them you would like to have a tracking number. If they cannot provide a tracking number, obviously you are getting a run around. I prefer to do this via email. One major note on this whole incident. Once they bill your credit card, they actually have 30 days to ship your order before they absolutely are required to contact you and give you the right of cancellation or to accept a backorder delay. Most everyone except the gun and ammunition sellers ship in a timely manner if they are a reputable dealer. jus my 2 cents
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    i would call the owner of the company and speak to him personaly and tell him how much his company sucks..
    I hate bad service espically when im dropping some serious cash on a product ...

    Does cheaper than dirt reall have a bad rep ??? i have never used them
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    also be sure to put this name in the thread about places/store you will never go to
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    Sorry to hear about your problem. I have had good service and recently purchased a set of medium $ binos, a scope and something else that slipes my mind. All sent quickly. So what did you order?
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    I have ordered from them in the past without incident but this item, CRKT Chogan T-Hawk Axe, was pretty pricy but the reviews were good. I thought I'd order from Optics Planet because I've had good luck with them before, dispite the fact that I could save a little money ordering from someone else. I like to be a loyal customer when things go well. I feel that many of these types of thing are a "commodity" and can be had in many places, so when I have good luck and receive good service, I like to honor that relationship. Likewise, when things don't go well, I will register my objection by taking my business elsewhere.
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  8. I've heard mixed reviews about Optics Planet. I suppose that's true of most online retailers, but there seems to be a lot of binary opinions about them which I think sends up a 'red flag.' Some people have reported great service, while there's also lots of nightmare stories about them stonewalling customers and stringing them along.

    I'd rather order from a consistently mediocre company (one that isn't very timely, but at least you know you will get your stuff near 100 percent of the time with only modest delay), as opposed to a company with a "you either love em' or hate em'"-type reputation. These latter types of companies, you'll eventually get burned, even if you had a good experience on a few previous orders.

    Lot's of accusations about how Optics Planet are selling items that are not in stock, while claiming they have it in stock when you place the order (which is a real no-no as far as retailer ethics. That's probably the biggest sin a retailer can commit short of outright defrauding people). Lot's of smaller companies don't always have stock in their own inventory and just take orders and have the manufacturer ship it out directly with the retailers label on it, but the more reputable companies of that type usually don't explicitly pretend that they have items in stock when they know they don't.
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    I've heard pretty much the same about this company on other forums. Reviews tend to be 60% bad.

    While no corporation can please everyone, the number of negative reviews makes me take my money elsewhere.
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    OTOH, They have a avaliablity Icon that you can use to check their stock and/or delivery estimate. If you don't like the delivery time then just don't order.

    They do have a proven, to me, Out the Door in 24 - FREE Shipping & Express Processing Deals from OpticsPlanet. In case what you want is not going to be shipped soon enough for you..

    At this time they have the CRKT Chogan T-Hawk Axe listed as , 7 left, order now! Ships within 1-2 days.

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