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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by sayety, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. sayety

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    I am looking to pick up a 12ga pump primarily for home and/or RV defense. I looked @ NEE's Pardner but am a bit Leery of Chinese knock offs. at less then $200 thats the price range i wanted to be in. I am not opposed to used but used 870's and M-burg 500's are going for $225...and i mean VERY USED. any ideas?
  2. sgt peppersass

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    i have a 500 and love it. plus the options are endless with the 500 as well as the 870. different barrels, stocks, magazine extensions, optics, grips.....
  3. sayety

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    the trouble is i didn't want to have $400+ in this. I the $225 used 870s and 500's are hacked up sawed up junk. To get something isn't or to buy a barrel and stock would set me back more than i have to spend. I remember when $150 would get you a nice used 12ga! i guess those days are gone.
  4. Falcon15

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    I had this same conundrum. I looked at the Pardner, very seriously. The Pardner being what it is, a Remington 870 knock-off, is a very good peice of hardware for the price. The BUT in that statement, however is the typical slide hardware add-ons for the Remington *may* fit, but need to be modified. Replacement parts also came to mind, and I know for a *fact* that the 870 is one of the most ubiquitous shotguns in America. Parts are readily available and easy to procure. The uptic is if you want to change the barrel out, drop in a plug, you are legal to hunt (the plug makes it legal).

    I bought my newest Remington 870 (making my arsenal just a bit bigger, dont-ya-know) for just over $400.00, not including tax. It was absolutely the best buy I have made in a while. $200.00 more than a Chinese knock-off may be a deal buster for some, but for me, it was a non-issue. I bought new and well known.

    Here is a good vid about another (Chinese) knock-off the H&R Protector:

    YouTube - Shotgun For The Masses (H&R Protector 12 Gauge)
  5. ghrit

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    Sayety -
    If as you say you have defense in mind, you are short changing yourself by going with something unknown regarding reliability. Stick with proven and widely available, "relatively" inexpensive pumps like the 870 or 500. (There are others.)
    YMMV, and IMHO, and all that.
  6. sgt peppersass

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    i got my 500 brand new for 300 last year, im in mass to where gun prices are higher cause of the nazis that run the state
  7. Rex Lee

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    My son has one of those Maverick 88's imported by mossberg, he says it is a great value. Reliable and shoots great. He uses it for skeet shooting and dove hunting, but he is going to buy another one strictly for home defense. For under $200 it is hard to go wrong.
  8. Disciple

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    Check your pawn shops you can find a good 12 ga pump for what you want it for even in mass,where the "nazi's" are everywhere.
  9. sgt peppersass

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    mass is so messed up, i cant own a taser,stun gun or double sided knife but its ok for me to have my browning 1919a6 beltfed .308.

    good luck on finding one, once in a while the dicks sporting goods has a decent sale on shotguns and rifles. good luck bud
  10. Brokor

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    mossberg 500 slugster : Pump at GunBroker.com
    Buy it now for $200, shipped to your FFL. There are all kinds of deals. That's a slugster, but as I see it you can save for a smooth barrel (about $50) and have a very nice setup. I especially like the slugster myself.

    I guess the only other alternative I see is for you to keep an eye out in the local trade papers and gun shops for your area. Pawn shops are fine too, but they don't always have the best deals and run on limited stock...basically whatever comes in the door.
  11. Sherman

    Sherman Dog Eat Dog

    870 express, what do they call it "home defense"? at Big 5
    its an 870... fit and finish is a little rougher and ejector is cast not forged and milled, trigger group is plastic. but have never heard of a failure.
    and can be upgraded to an 870P for about $140
  12. 45acpJHP

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  13. Volcano

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    I would go with the Rem. 870 in some form or fashion. There are far more accessories for the Rem. than there are for the moss. (Extender tubes, slings, etc) The Moss, to me, is also quite heavy.. Hard to swing fast and harder still to slow down when you are on target.
  14. CATO

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    New here (1st post).

    I got an 8 shot Mossberg 500 Persuader from Dick's for $279 a while back. Periodically, they have good deals on guns you'd pay a lot more from if you went to another one of the big sporting goods stores.
  15. fedorthedog

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    watch the big 5 adds a mossberg 500a with 2 barrels os on sale often for 279 give you a defese and hunting option with one gun I just saw a used one a little ruff in a pawn shop for 195 the mossberg is a reliable gun
  16. Maxflax

    Maxflax Lightning in a bottle

    I was going to post the Maverick as the best option. It has earned a good rep

    Big 5 often has the Remington and Mossberg on sale for about $330 but they are set up for combat with bayonet lugs/heat shield, etc. The Maverick comes bare bones
  17. Witch Doctor 01

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    A friend just picked up a old Springfield 12 pump for $150.00.. 5 round tube but the price was right...
  18. krieger

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    Get a Mossberg 835 UltraMag 12 gauge. Its a turkey shotgun. One of its best features is that it will shoot 2 3/4, 3, and 3 1/2 inch shells standard or magnums, ie. it will shoot any 12g shotgun shell. It has 4 changeable chokes, the ultra turkey full 2x choke makes a really small pattern at 40 meters. I have had mine for over 10 years, its been used so much the camo finished has worn off. I have hunted everything from turkeys to Russian boars. Never a problem. They have 2 barrel lengths, 20 or 24 inch.

    I know its more than $200 bucks, about $390 is the going price. Only $190 more.
  19. Seawolf1090

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    I don't "cheap out" for home defense. My HD shotty is the venerable 870 Express, with a few 'tacticool' mods - 8-round tube, side-folder, sidesaddle shell carrier, sling with shell loops.

    Dad and I have had 870 wingmasters for decades for hunting, I used the 870 in the Navy aboard ship on security detail. NEVER had one fail.......

    How much is your life and your family's lives worth...?
  20. Brokor

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    Benelli b:: Benelli Shotguns | SuperNova Field and SuperNova Tactical
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