Oregon House Bill 3089

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    Oregon House Bill 3089
    <hr style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> You guys need to read the law in it's entirety in order to understand the full implications.

    As it stands, ANY VIOLATION, results in the revocation of licenses and tags for a minimum of 36 months. That's why [YOU] need to read and understand it.

    A barbed hook, a missed short crab in the bilges, etc., in short ANY CITATION period, loses you your hunting/fishing license and tags for the aforementioned period, including violations occurring in other states.

    Judges are not happy about it, but that's the way things stand at the moment.

    Bill was written and sponsored by: Representatives KRIEGER, SCHAUFLER; Representatives

    SECTION 1. ORS 496.146 is amended to read:
    496.146. In addition to any other duties or powers provided by
    Law, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission:
    (1) May accept, from whatever source, appropriations, gifts or
    Grants of money or other property for the purposes of wildlife
    Management, and use such money or property for wildlife
    Management purposes

    This section of the proposed law allows the PEW Trust and The PACKARD foundation to purchase OUR resources for THEIR agenda. An extremely dangerous precedent.

    The deal about losing, permanently, your right to purchase fishing or hunting license (other states honor this restriction) is that if you are ticketed (for a wildlife violation) for any amount over $50, you henceforce shall not be able to hunt or fish.

    Of course, there is no fine less than $50....
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    sorry, link no work.....
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    I can't believe the recovery of damages costs when you illegally take something. Some of those animals must be walking gold (fish and game thinks so). I also like the part about how the animals are the property of the state. I know they think that, so the next time the elk tear down my fences how about getting out here and fixing them and paying for other damage they do.
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    Used barbed hooks or bullets on the sponsors. Go unintended consequences on them
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    I know, when pig fly! Guess I'll just take elk when needed as compensation from the state.
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    Let me guess, those sponsors are from the Williamette area? Well, wet side of the state anyway. Lived on the east side for a while, and that is definitely NOT the kind of legislation I'd expect from a legislator from out there. It was those bleeding hearts from the wet side who passed the ban on hunting lions with dogs. 3 years later there are cougars sleeping on the pitchers mound of the Little League field and walking down main street at 2100!
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