Oregon Machinegun Shoot-June 2006

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    I found this at ARFCOM Oregon Hometown Forum and thought I'd share this info with the NW shooters

    UPDATED to reflect current contents of official website as of 30 Jan 2006.

    1st Annual Eagle Cap Shooter’s Association Machinegun Shoot

    When: June 17-18, 2006

    Where: Eagle Cap Shooter’s Assn. Range, Enterprise, OR (NE Oregon)

    The Eagle Cap Shooter’s Association is hosting its first annual machinegun shoot at our new range. We are offering advance reservations for the 50 10’ firing line spaces at $50 each. Reserve your space now as there are a limited number. Firing line spaces will be $75 at the gate, if they are available. Firing line spaces include entry for one person.

    Entry fee will be $15 per person for one day or $20 per person for the whole weekend. A 2-day pass is $18 if purchased in advance.

    We will have exploding targets, appliances and other interesting things to shoot, with targets out to 1000 yards. If we can work out the disposal logistics on junk cars, we'll have those available as targets, too. Tracer and incendiary ammo is OK (as long as there are no state fire restrictions in place at the time). A night shoot, Saturday night, will be offered, too (again, pending any fire restrictions). Please contact us if you want to shoot anything over 20mm.

    We are working on SMG matches and possibly other matches, but nothing is finalized at this time. If you or your club is interested in putting on a match, please contact us.

    On site camping will be available for $25 per space. RVs are welcome, but there are no hook ups available.

    Outdoor vendor spaces are available, too. Contact us if you are interested. If you are a vendor and wish to sponsor some of the shoot, contact us for sponsor packages.

    Gun rentals are OK, but require a rental permit of $25 per firing line space.

    Food and beverages will be available on site at a reasonable price.

    ATVs, mules, golf carts are permitted for those with firing line spaces and those with physical disabilities. There will be restrictions on speed and permitted areas.

    There are motels within 10 miles of the range. We are working on special shoot pricing and we will post updates here.

    If you would like more information or would like to reserve a firing line space please email mgshoot@eaglecapsa.com.

    ARFCOM Oregon Hometown Forum
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