Oregon Military Family Appreciation Day

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    May 8th is Military Family Appreciation Day in Oregon.....

    From Rep Julie Parrish
    Julie4Oregon @gmail.com

    Use your Oregon political tax credit for 2012!

    Turn in your ballots!

    May 15th is the deadline to turn your ballots in to have your vote counted in the primary.

    If you live in the district, and I'm not on your primary ballot, you can still write my name in for the HD37 State Representative race.

    From the Campaign Trail

    We've started ramping up for the 2012 election cycle. For those of you who watched my freshman race, you'll recall that I only had four months to campaign. Extra time means more time to connect with constituents. This week, I'm working towards crossing the 1000th front door.

    Recent Endorsements

    I am always honored when people convey their trust with the power of their endorsement.

    Recent endorsements include:

    Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden
    Oregon Nurses Association
    Oregon Realtors Association
    Oregon Homebuilders Association
    Wash.Co Sheriff Pat Garrett
    Dr. Kathryn Flegel

    I would appreciate your support for this race. If you think I'm doing a good job for Oregon, please shoot me back an email with your permission to use your endorsement. You can be an individual, a business, or an organization. Your trust means a lot to me - thank you!
    Want to stay in touch? These are all the places I live online - please feel free to friend me and get the daily scoop!

    Save the Date.....
    Join me on June 9th for a birthday canvass and BBQ
    Where: 1968 Carriage Way, West Linn
    When: 2:30pm

    We'll canvass 38 doors - one for each year I'm celebrating - and then enjoy a BBQ. This is a kid-friendly event, and they will be supervised with plenty of fun things to do while we knock doors.

    Can't make it? You can contribute $38 dollars instead at Elect Julie for HD 37.

    Please RSVP to julie4oregon@gmail.com so we can plan accordingly.
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    Thank you, military families, for your service!
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