Oregon police officer arrested by State Police & ATF

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    Central Oregon police officer arrested in Coos Bay


    Redmond, Ore., police Lt. Larry Prince, 48, was arrested earlier this week in Coos Bay by Oregon State Police and federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,

    Story Published: Feb 10, 2011 at 3:17 PM PST

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    REDMOND, Ore. (AP) — A police lieutenant in central Oregon has been arrested on charges that he sold firearms and other items stolen while he ran the Redmond Police Department's armory.

    Larry Prince, 48, was arrested earlier this week in Coos Bay by Oregon State Police and federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, The Bulletin newspaper reported.

    Prince was charged with official misconduct, theft and forgery.

    The 16-year veteran of the Redmond Police Department was put on paid administrative leave on Dec. 30 after an inventory audit of the armory revealed discrepancies, said Redmond Police Chief Dave Tarbet.

    Prince was in charge of the department's armory for about 10 years until he was reassigned late last year.

    Tarbet said Prince's reassignment was the result of an administrative reorganization and predates the discovery of discrepancies at the armory.

    As manager of the armory, Prince would not have been responsible for past audits and inventories, Tarbet said.

    Redmond human resources director Sharon Harris said Prince receives full pay while on administrative leave but she declined to identify his exact salary, saying the range for a lieutenant is between $5,515 and $6,779 per month.

    Prince's wife, Shelley Prince, also is a police officer with the Redmond department, earning between $4,032 and $5,404 per month, Harris said.

    Deschutes County records suggest some financial difficulties in recent months for the Princes, who received a notice of foreclosure in November on a $541,000 mortgage on a home they own in Redmond.

    Records indicate the couple has not made a mortgage payment since May 2010, resulting in a total delinquency of nearly $26,000. The couple also owes more than $5,000 in back property taxes.

    Shelley Prince filed for divorce from Larry Prince in November. Contacted by phone, Shelley Prince declined to comment.

    The Deschutes County District Attorney's Office issued a brief statement about the investigation Wednesday, commending the integrity of the police department for bringing the discovery of potential misconduct to the attention of investigators.

    In a written statement issued Wednesday, Tarbet said the investigation has already prompted changes in the department's inventory management. He also asked for community support and understanding, saying the department "staff and officers are hardworking, honest, and ethical men and women whose intentions are to serve the citizens of this community."

    The police chief said he could not go into detail about the stolen items but said Prince is believed to be the only person involved.

    Oregon State Police are handling the investigation.
    Information from: The Bulletin, BendBulletin.com
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    I usually am not one to bash police officers but if he is guilty of what he is being charged with, all bets are off.
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    Is Oregon an NFA State? I wonder if they will publish, just WHAT Weapons with Serial Numbers, are missing and who they might have been sold to.... FullAuto or Select Fire M16s would be highly prized..... if they were in the inventory...
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    A bad cop should get what he deserves - he brings shame on them all.

    Be interesting to see where those weapons end up......

    "South of the border", maybe....?
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    If the Axe falls, let it serve as a warning to other officers, for violating the public trust. Sad.
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    A bad cop is a bad cop. Perhaps all law enforcement people should have to take a course or two in how to manage their fiances before being hired. Won't prevent it all as there are always bad apples but it might help some. How can one not make ends meet on $10,000 a month? Oh yeah, buy a half million dollar house.
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