Oregon stealing honest citizens guns

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Legion489, Jul 10, 2017.

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    All deadly weapons, apparently they can take your vehicle too.
  3. SB21

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    I hope we have a few Oregonian Monkeys that will keep us informed as to how this plays out. Stand strong Oregon.
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    Likely will be struck down in Federal District Court because it does NOT allow the Defendant to be present, and present evidence, during the Court Action.... Serious issues with the Due Process Constitutional Requirements...
  5. Mindgrinder

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    Welcome to Canada Moohamad.
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    ball bat, golf clubs, hammers, chain saws, kitchen knives, pianos, the list could be endless.....
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    Take this state and shove it
    It ain’t Oregon no more
    Your progressive ambitions treat Lady Liberty
    Like she’s a gol darned whore
    You better not try to stand in our way
    While we show you to the door
    Take this state and shove it
    It ain’t Oregon no more

    I been livin’ in this state of mine
    For nigh on sixty years
    All this time I watched progressives
    Takin’ away our freedoms
    Pissin’ on the Constitution
    Indoctrinate the kids in schools
    Turning those once independent
    Into Obama phone needy fools

    Take this state and shove it
    It ain’t Oregon no more
    Your progressive ambitions treat Lady Liberty
    Like she’s a gol darned whore
    You better not try to stand in our way
    While we show you to the door
    Take this state and shove it
    And don't come back no more

    Well that State Legislature’s a two faced dog
    The Governor, she’s a fool
    Got a brand new no due process law
    Lord she thinks she’s cool

    One day the voters will wake up
    But it might be too late
    Lord I can’t wait to see their faces
    When they get the nerve to say

    Take this state and shove it
    It ain’t your Oregon no more
    Your progressive ambitions treated Lady Liberty
    Like she’s a gol darned whore
    You better not try to stand in our way
    While we show you to the door
    Take this state and shove it
    And don't come back no more

    Take this state and shove it
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  8. enloopious

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    Oregon has long been a place of repression and police brutality. The government there has been doing much worse than this for many many years. I would doubt we have any monkeys in that state. It makes California look like a red state.
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  9. 3M-TA3

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    There are quite a few monkeys from Oregon. The police brutality IMO is no different than anywhere else I've been. California is still in the lead as far as leaning left goes, but Oregon is working hard to catch up and pass them. Seems nobody has asked the question if California is such a social paradise then why to they have a net loss of 5% of their population each year, and why does Texas get a net increase of 7% each year?

    Once upon a time it was a very free state, in fact, Oregon invented the referendum process as a way for the citizens to keep our legislature in check. Unfortunately, we have become a one party state with Republicans outnumbered two to one by Democrats. The Democrats, who here lean very far left, are now a just few seats away from a super majority. That will almost certainly happen in the next election. Now they merely control both houses and have a moonbat Governor who will sign anything they put in front of her.

    A few years ago they passed a motor voter bill so they could allow illegal aliens with a driver's license (yes, Oregon will license someone who is criminally in the state) to vote knowing which way they will vote. The citizens used used the referendum process to overturn that law, so now all laws that smack of Democrat favoritism or that will help lead us to tyranny (any gun control law for example) are passed using the Emergency Legislation process. Not only does if fast track the legislation bypassing the normal check and balances it makes it exempt from referendum.

    Our legislature is now hell bent on socialist stupidity. We turned down an initiative last year that would have taxed large businesses 7% (IIRC) on their sales so they can use them for more social programs. Not their profits, but their sales. Retail sales would simply have increased the price to the consumers by that amount, but if you are competing with businesses in other states you will find yourself with a huge disadvantage. The end result is that most of the high tech (our number 1 driving economy) will simply relocate to other states and take those jobs and taxes with them. You will probably see this happen during next year's legislative session. Goodbye paradise, hello Venezuela.

    I'm bailing before their social paradise destroys itself.
  10. ditch witch

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    They seem to be migrating to Texas in droves, and they're bringing their Cali workers with them. Place your bets on how long it takes for them to turn this state blue. :/
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  11. enloopious

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    You don't seriously think your political party can fix a damn thing... that is not their goal.
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  12. 3M-TA3

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    The new STD is Socialist Transmitted Destruction
  13. Ura-Ki

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    3m has it right, Orygun was once a paradise with awesome hunting and fishing and wondrous out door experiences to be found and enjoyed by all. There was once a famous gov'ner named Tom McCall who did a lot of really great things, and one was to tell every one else to stop in for a visit but dont plan on staying! When Nike , Intel, and the other super employers really expanded, ( About the same time the timber industry was gutted and destroyed) Orygun was transformed into a socialist state by the transformation of industry, and those who once could afford a decent life were suddenly pushed out by the implants from California who came North chasing the tech jobs! When I retired back to Orygun, I purchased a home on 1.3 acres just out side the city limits of Beaverton and I played just under 140k. It was a small fixer upper in an old neighborhood and the prices were all about even! Now keep in mind, this is smack dab in the center of Nike and Intel territory and the demands for up scale housing and the rights on imminent domains really played havoc on all of us. I saw what a shithole Orygun was becoming when the brokers and investors came in and offerd half the increased values for my property. I told them to get f- led and sold it my oneaome for $310k and boogyed the he'll out of Orygun for greener pastures in Colorado! My remaining family that still reside in Orygun have seen property tax increases of 30% or more and income taxes are insane, with bloody Brownstein pushing for even more for her socialist ambitions, like building more mad mass transit that serve only the rich areas while leaving the rest of the system bleeding and broken! Instead, they pander to the new class of rich, and drive every one else out. Portland used to be some what ok, with felony flats taking up an area of roughly 100 by 100 blocks! Now days that area has more then quadrupled and the crime rates are through the roof. Then the city established what they call an urban growth boundary to contain the urbanites and keep them separate from the rich, so now they are stacking the poor on top of each other! Ugg.........
    ........ I better stop now be for I pop a anurisim!!!!!
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  14. 3M-TA3

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    It's quite sad. It's like you invented the light bulb and now all the bugs are swarming you.
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  15. UncleMorgan

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    I firmly believe in the Four-Box System for preserving Constitutional rights:
    1. The soap box.
    2. The ballot box.
    3. The ammo box.
    4. The pine box.

    "Every man dies, but the man that wins is the man that dies free."
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  16. GrayGhost

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    I believe you forgot the pillbox?
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  17. 3M-TA3

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    Now we know why they are so intent on disarming us - in a virtually not covered by any media, the Oregon legislature passed a bill allowing them to place tolls on I-5 and I-205, even though those interstates were paid for by Federal dollars. The next step is to get permission from the Federal Government, which it normally does. It's expected that tolls will be enforced sometime in 2018. They claim it's because they need money for roads and naturally social programs, but for some reason had the cash to build Tillicum Crossing. BTW, they didn't have to close it off for automobile traffic for the bike event below as cars are not allowed. Only light rail mass transit, bicycles, and pedestrians.


    BTW that picture if from Bob Cronk photography and his work is amazing: Bob Cronk Photography
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    That has to be the pain meds pillbox for some of us here to keep on fighting, right, LOL.
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  19. GrayGhost

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    You gotta use what works for ya...
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  20. UncleMorgan

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    Wow! Look at all the pretty lights...
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