Oregon's Cascadia Playback - Shades of Atlas Shrugged

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    I heard about the Cascadia Playbook on tonight's news. It's Oregon's just released disaster plan that describes the role, responsibilities and activities of each of Oregon's departments. Thinking back on the crap that was done to the citizens in the wake of Katrina like confiscating firearms and forced relocation to FEMA camps, I decided to take a look.

    Guess what - the plan is in published for only and is only distributed to a few key people in a few key positions. Yup, you can't see what's inside it. None of the news sources I checked had comments turned on for the announcement article. I'm sure nothing is going on here...


    This is the extent of the information available to the public:
    http://www.oregon.gov/OMD/OEM/public_information/OEM Cascadia Playbook Overview.pdf
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    I think it's not finished
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    Here is your answer.... they are keeping the play book close to the vest. Never a good sign....don't want to alarm the sheep you know.
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    That is messed up. One key person in each area knows the plan? And if they die or are out of town the backup person says.... wait a minute I have to read the secret emergency plan? [Watches oregon slide into the ocean]
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    Better to slide into the ocean than to keep sliding into California.
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    Sorry, my excerpt didn't paste in correctly the first time. Yard Dart nailed it (thanks, YD!)
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    You douche bags in Salem can kiss my ass and keep your "Playbook". If they think most people that live in the country will give a shit about your FEMA like BS don't even bother and come out here.
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    This is a standard format for what is often practiced in what is called a "Table Top" exercise except in the future this may be released for all to read where as a Table Top Exercise is a hands on exercise with all groups and departments in attendance in as large an area as needed. Each group's plus and miss such as not enough EMS to wrong Radio Frequency making it unable to communicate between "Tables".

    So no big FEMA Conspiracy or so as I read it for now.

    The last Table Top I observed was held in the Astro Hall. Live action for Decon, EMS, Patient triage etc was provided by :US Army Decon unit, City of Houston Fire and rescue and several Hospitals groups and their EMS units who had never practiced together before. Refugees came from local schools and other volunteers from other walks of life with Language Barriers thrown in for the real world emergency, not to mention Language Barriers while interviewing for the required prescription meds used in the Admittance Section of the EMS section.

    Operated correctly and graded with a vengeance it can point out a lot of potential problems.

    But then maybe I'm wrong.
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    Note the fact that this is a work in progress and edits will be made.
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    I understand what you are saying.....but on the other side of the coin, they never stop planning and editing the playbook due to new technologies, means & methods. Why would you not release the information for public consumption and comment. I mean jeessh, we are talking about implementing public safety and policies.....not a battle plan.

    Unless you are including high level plans such as resettlement of displaced individuals, seizures of private property and the like.......right?! And want to keep that detail quite.....
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    When we did mock disasters with the scouts, part of the process were the problems we added. Too few bandages, problems we could not fix, just stabilize, transportation issues, wrong blood types available. (I know it's not the same scale)
    It was a process of " if this doesn't work, what else could we do? What are our assets, what are the options?"
    I would expect , after hurricane releif workers were fired upon and people attacked, that any response program would have to include the possibility of riots, active shooters, gang warfare, or explosives. What to do, what to say, how to respond. Options and assets.
    I know I would. If I had a large crew of any sort, doing work in the area, who were fired upon or had the risk of gunfire or riot, I would have a plan in place for protection of my people, first and foremost. They are my responsibility.
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    My concern as well - I expect them to have disaster plans, but why can't anybody except a select few read them? I have found this which follows the same format: http://www.oregon.gov/OMD/OEM/Pages/plans_train/CSZ.aspx#CSZ_Plan . I'm sure everything in the link is in the book, and I'm sure the book was prepared in an electronic format, so the question still remains about the secrecy - what is in the playbook that we can't see?

    I stared a similar thread on a regional gun forum and one of the more politically active member has requested a copy (he's also a physician in an area that would be fairly on it's own in a disaster), so we will see what he finds.
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    In the years before Katrina 2005 NOLA, I was still working as a volunteer county firefighter. In the days and years after 9/11/2001 DHS and FEMA had all first responders required to do an online course or three so we would understand our positions and responsibilities in the entire chain of command from president down to lowly junior firefighter, emt, or Leo in cases of wildfires, hurricanes, power grid outages, nuclear strike upon us, martial law etc etc. My small rural county was compliant with all 1st responders online tutored and tested and qualified well within the 90 allotted time period. I was shocked when Katrina happened, and nothing NOTHING happened as per this simple block chart diagram we had been trained on. This was not a local thing. The entire nation to include Hawaii, and Alaska was to comply with this DHS/FEMA course of training. Shortly after Katrina I ceased my volunteer work as a firefighter. I wish I could remember the name of the required courses and the website where they were taught. Being a nosy SOB I poked around a bit looking at the courses offered and what they covered. Some seemed a bit ominous in the big brother, yes my Overlord way. Other 1st responders here may know what I speak of and might be able to explain it better.
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    Pretty simple, from the post this is the first pass at setting up the process.

    Now, would you want 20 different people adding suggestions to the printed format in 20 different copies, as stated, or would you want to funnel those 20 folks into one person to perform the edits?

    That's the way I read the "as posted" information.

    Just a standard and economical way to edit and proof read one set of plans instead of 20 or more.
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    As presented, this is the first draft>
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    That's what I thought @HK_User
    It's not finalzed. It's a publicity stunt
  17. Yard Dart

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    It is a primer for more government control........ Wait till chit hits the fan and then open the playbook on how you will clamp down on the local AO to keep the sheep in their pen and behaving.

    Sorry that my tin foil shows from underneath my wide brimmed hat..... but I do not trust what would happen when things go sideways. You will have good communities come together and bad ones be oppressed by the actions of their local representation..... never keep your eye off the ball.
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  18. HK_User

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    Gov. Brown rolls out updates to Oregon quake playbook

    The playbook was started in June 2014 and is now in the revision phase. The third and final phase is the creation and distribution of the book itself, which will be a hardcover handed out to various agencies throughout the state.
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  19. AD1

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    Take a look at the links from this article amd see of these are the courses you took. Sorry rules wont let me post links yet.
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