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    ORGANIC EGG SCORE CARD. [Here is some very interesting health information regarding egg production in the US continent. There are only two Nebraska farms noted in the top categories, and almost no Iowa farms mentioned except in the non-organic tiers.]
    Organic Egg Scorecard - The Cornucopia Institute
    The score card above is referred to in a report on organic eggs and chicken by Dr. Mercola in the following article:
    Organic Eggs: Exposing the Fraud of Grocery Store
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    I'm rather certain my source for "organic" eggs isn't listed since it is not from a farm or co-op, but rather a neighbor. They also taste much better than the store-bought variety.

    If you can, avoid the mass produced ovules :)
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    Thanks. we get the Vital Brand here(grade of 4 out of 5)

    We were getting organic farm raised from a local family that we inspected their operation. After a year, they moved and our eggs stopped.

    Now looking for a new source here in AZ
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    when u are going to post 3 or more "current event" news links with little to no quotes or original content - it would be great if u did it in 1 thread instead of flooding the "Recent Posts" with a bunch of 1 line open threads.
    It pushes others posts down when they deserve visibility on the site.
    Seeing an wall of your "current events" floods is getting annoying.

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    I plan on selling at the Farmer's Markets in the area later this year, eggs will be organic, non-GMO, free range, cage free, pampered hens with mood music piped in.

    OK maybe no music... I will have green eggs and brown eggs.

    You're in AZ, probably one of those hot parts of the state, I'm SE AZ.

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    I am in Tempe. We go through about 2 dozen a week between my wife and I. Wish you were closer.

    What feed do you ise for your birds?
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    Well right now what I have is not free range, when they are they will forage for themselves and I will plant mainly wheat which is mostly non-GMO in the US, and I will buy specific other non-GMO grains to plant.

    I am currently feeding wheat and crumbles, and of course the crumbles is mainly Corn & Soy beans both mostly GMO in this country.

    That said I am not an anti GMO guy... but there are lots of people to sell to.

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    Who or what lays the green eggs? Sam I am....
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    To make you happy, I will post things in other threads, rather than "current events". I hope that will solve the problem for you. In fact I just posted one to "General Discussion", which you seem to be familiar with. You are also free to PM me too, as is anyone, so we don't clog threads with off topic items.
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    Dr. Seuss of course...
    Several breeds lay green eggs, in chickens it's Araucana

    My green eggs come from Mallard ducks, much tastier than chicken eggs.
    My brown eggs come from Barred Rock chickens.

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    factory farm, organic, cage free ... add a phrase.
    The average age of an egg on a store shelf is ....
    Eggs are typically sold with sell by dates of 30 - 45 days from shipment.
    Eggs are typically packaged for shipment within 10-14 days from laying.
    Here is the kicker. If they send the eggs back, they can wash them and repackage in some states.

    My eggs were laid this morning.

    Have you made pancakes with duck eggs? Same thing with a cake. AWESOME!
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    VT Yep right on. Eggs in the store are typically 30+ days old, how can you tell? Hard boil them, if they peel without tearing the white, they are not fresh.

    I know the women that used to buy from us when I was a kid (7+) liked the duck eggs for baking, plus the Chinese ladies liked the fertile duck eggs for... well you know what.

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    Simple solution, raise your own and sell the surplus (if you have any)
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    Just like my hiding my HAM antenna, i live in the city in a HOA. No chickens allowed or I would have them in a second.
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