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    I have searched far and wide for individuals "inventory" lists/spreadsheets or ideas and all I have found are very vague lists. I was wondering if anyone may share what they have done to keep track of there inventory? I have a horrible spreadsheet I started for my BOB to track weight. It's now turning into "an all supplies list" and I am not so content with it on any level. Looking for some ideas, help, etc.
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    Prepping is such an individual thing that a generalized all events spread sheet is probably too extensive for anyone to use effectively. What I've done in the past is to gin up a list of what I need in inventory according to my best evaluation of my own situation (which has changed half a dozen times in as many years) and fill the list as needed. One of the neat things about this site is that there are a slew of ideas that one might use to build a list of what's needed based on the selected happening representing the most probable mess that could affect you. It is all a very individual deal; fer zamples, folks in northern Michigan have to think about snow storm isolation, those on the gulf coast have to consider hurricanes and need for evac in flooding. The supplies and distribution are way different.

    Just don't forget the TP, you gotta have it no matter what.
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    There aught to be an adjustable phone app for that. Set your own levels, track your expiration dates, when to order, and down-loadable coupons, with alerts for sales.....just thinking aloud here.....

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    Your on to something. One of my wife's clients is a major app developer and he likes me. I am going to have to talk to him and my wife for the accounting side. My only fear is that the code would have to be like a mini quick books for your phone. Thus not being as user friendly as would need be
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    I would suggest simple graphics. you assign the info to be tracked, goal to be met, maybe a color change to indicate age, with red for use now and black for too late...
    might contact your food provider about electronic coupons that could update automatically. the app would alert you when your chosen product was on sale, or coupons available for use. A unit price calculator should be included, so you don't need to close out and shift apps to figure the costs for each item....
    maybe a calender option for scheduled buys, or pre-planning....;)
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    the people in the south are always right on what u need just ask us !!!
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    I got this from someone else, sorry I don't remember who.

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