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    Was talking with @Bear about this yesterday. Our conversation prompted me to do a review.

    Been using a Spark-lite for years. Bought a whole bunch of the plastic ones and the aluminum ones. Gave most of them away to friends, scouts, 4H kids, even some visiting forum folks. Not sure what I have left at this point. But I do have an original brass one that was given to me as a gift.


    First of all, it works and it works one handed. The sparks are much hotter and much more than using a flint and steel. And less than you can get from a ferro rod, depending on the size of the rod.

    It works great on lots of dry tinder. Also works on anything you would use a flint and steel with. I like using some cotton cord that is charred on one end. This one resides in a little spot in my wallet along with a couple of really old pieces of tinderquick and a cotton lamp wick that is charred on one end.

    The interesting thing about these spark-lites is that the original brass one throws more sparks and hotter sparks than the plastic and aluminum ones. Another tinder that works great is fatwood shavings.

    Here's the spark-life in action.




    The next image after this was just all white. Here's a slo-mo video.

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