Orwell must have written their playbook

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    Orwell must have written their playbook
    I just stumbled (with the help of Joel Rosenberg) onto something very interesting. The bigoted "Gun Guys" (and their Orwellian named Freedom State Alliance umbrella organization) I mention far too frequently are supported by a $650,000 grant (over 18 months) from the Joyce Foundation. This grant money is to Mark Karlin & Associates:

    To support the continued efforts of its Freedom States Alliance, a project to promote financial self-sufficiency and effective media, public, and policy-maker education efforts among gun violence prevention groups, especially those in Illinois and Wisconsin.

    I have often wondered how, with such small memberships, these anti-gun groups can afford to do what they do. Now we know. I wish I could get $400K/year to run some pro-gun websites and blog about gun rights.

    To further emphasis their Orwellian nature read the Freedom States Alliance news release:

    “But the energy we're seeing from communities that are rising up against the gun lobby is amazing. Yes it will take time to take back our country held hostage by gun violence, but if it's one thing Americans are good at, it's fighting for our freedom. We're here to declare our freedom from gun violence and our Internet strategy is going to carry that message like never before.”

    "Fighting for freedom" by attempting to ban guns. You can't get much more Orwellian than that.
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