OSP Using Wildlife Decoys for Enforcement During 2005 Big Ga

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    OSP Using Wildlife Decoys for Enforcement During 2005 Big Game Season

    The Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division will be using the Wildlife Enforcement Decoy during the 2005 fall big game seasons in an effort to identify individuals in the unlawful taking of wildlife.

    The Wildlife Enforcement Decoy program utilizes a wildlife decoy mount in an area where documented illegal hunting activity has been noted. The benefit of this program is that it allows for the violator, the animal, and the enforcement officer to be in the same area at the same time in a controlled environment. This minimizes the loss to actual wildlife and minimizes other losses due to stray arrows or bullets. The contact with the violator then can be controlled with a focus on increasing both violator and officer safety.

    "The purpose of the Fish and Wildlife Division is to assure compliance with laws that protect and enhance the long-term health and equitable utilization of Oregon's fish and wildlife resources," said Lieutenant Jeff Williams.

    In 2004, the Wildlife Enforcement Decoy was used 218 times, with roughly half of those operations occurring at night. A total of 1,520 vehicles drove by the decoy with a total of 664 persons observing the decoy. Those contacts resulted in 134 incidents wherein there was interaction between the violator and the wildlife decoy. Those incidents resulted in 172 citations and arrests.

    The Wildlife Enforcement Decoy will be utilized this fall in select wildlife management units statewide to address tag compliance, unlawful take and prohibited harvest methods, along with other unlawful hunting issues where deemed appropriate due to recent and/or historical wildlife complaint locations.

    The Wildlife Enforcement Decoy Program has been used in Oregon since 1991.
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    so these are mechanical deer with cameras?

    pretty sneaky ;)
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    Yeah they've been useing them here in MO for several years now. They move around like a grazeing deer, look around, flip their tails and so on and are taxidermied on the robotic frame. Some have cameras in or on them ather times its just vidioed by the agents watching them and if you shoot one not only do you get the fines and time (and here all the hunting gear and vehicle driven and so on RICOed) but you also get to pay to repair whatever damage your shots do to the robo deer.
    One of the most common things they do with them here other than general poachers is that here at least it is illegal to shoot from the road so they set them up by the road durring deer season to catch guys who drive around to find deer to shoot. I have always wondered though what they do if someone comes up from the other side (deer between them and the road or they are parallel to the road) and blows the hell out of the decoy. I mean it wouldnt be illegal then and its made to be convinceing enouph to fool even knowledgable hunters. I think it would be kind of funny for some one to pop up from the 'wrong' (legal) side and pump say 11 rounds (maximum capacit legal for deer hunting here) of 30/06 through it and the agents not be able to do anything about it. b:: Sorry to me it just kind of borders on entrapment, especialy since they generaly use a trophy buck for it.
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