Our Bigest Sale Ever: 25% Off MH Foods & More!

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    Now that our future has been secured and we have been saved by our fearless leaders in Washington, I have decided to run a huge inventory closeout sale.

    OK--sorry. Lame attempt at humor out of the way, we have been planning and working toward this big sale for a long time now.

    In total, this is the biggest sale we have ever run.

    I could go on and on about everything that is on sale, but I'll nail it down to a few cogent points ...

    1. 25% Off all U.S. Mountain House listings for members and non-members alike--only for TWO DAYS: Wed. Aug. 3 and Thursday, Aug. 4. That's for cans AND pouches!

    2. As usual, buyers club members have special free buyers incentives for MH can purchases, but this time we've got some cool NEW gear in the program.

    3. We have shaved our margins on a slew of other food products and gear as well. We've got 25%-off discounts on a lot of stuff. And we are offering other major discounts as well, up to 33% off! Of course everything ships FREE. See our sale category here.
    The non-MH discounts are already activated in our store and many will extend beyond the two days that we are limited to for the MH sale. (Wait till midnight Eastern time tonight for the MH discounts to be activated.)

    Please note--inventory is limited on most products. As always during these sales, things will move fast and inventories will be depleted.

    So, hats off to D.C. for ... ummm ... well, accomplishing nada.


  2. JC Refuge

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    [FONT=Verdana,Arial]It's on. Our biggest sale ever is live and on fire. Get yours while supplies last.

    See our Now On Sale category. (64 items are on sale in this 3-page category. Note the link at the top of those pages to the MH pouch listings that are also at 25% off, if that is what you want.)

    Check the Member MH Cans Rewards Incentives.
  3. JC Refuge

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    Only hours left

    Don't let the ship sail without you

    Last day: Our Biggest Sale Ever ends tonight at midnight, eastern time.

    Over 100 items on sale throughout the store.

    Take advantage now while inventory still offers a great selection of Mountain House freeze dried food and much more.

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