Our country is in deep trouble

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by oldman11, Dec 29, 2018.

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    I really do not know were to start but let me say our country the United States of America is in deep trouble if we don’t do something quick. Please somebody tell me I’m wrong,please. What do you think? What would it take to get the country back to that we used to have? For starters we need to get 100% behind Trump to help make his job easier. I believe Trump is America’s last hope as a great nation. Let’s talk. Tell me what you think.
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    This is a great topic and question. I do have a response starting to form in my head as I am typing this, but it is not a full answer like I would prefer to respond with. I will come back to this thread today.
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    Seriously though, look back at political cartoons from 100 and more years ago and you'll see that there isn't much that's new under the sun. What is new is the relentlessness and bias of the media in our modern 24 hour news cycle. It's the equivalent of having an "Extra" newspaper thump onto your front porch every 15 minutes, day and night.

    To maintain my own sanity I switch off frequently. I put the laptop away, put the phone in airplane mode, watch no TV, and listen to radio only during my daily commute. When I do check in, I accept nothing as fact without doing my own research from multiple sources. I agree with you that President Trump is doing his best to preserve the country as founded, and to restore the damage done by previous administrations. He is getting things accomplished, and it's driving the anti-Trump crowd bonkers. I don't agree with everything he does, or the way he does them, but I'm generally impressed with the results.
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    The country has been in deep crap since 1865 when the bankers and federalists won.
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  5. Idahoser

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    Short answer: we're not going to do it, whatever it would be. Don't torture yourself over something we refuse to fix.
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    I'm with Hot Diggity ,,, I've had to turn it off . I've just about worried myself sick over it . Our beliefs are not being heard by the democrats , they think it's all Trumps idea , not ours as well . They're saying 70% of Americans don't want the wall . Well they're reading the polls they want to believe , and try to make us believe it's so . The only way our voice is heard is thru votes. But after the elections , they do what they want to do . We need to have monthly votes on the issues , that's the only way I can see that our voices are heard . But other than that , I'm about to snap if I don't just get away from it all .
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    Our rights have been voted away, our government has become larger, multi-dimensional and even hidden. 'A fairs day work for a fair day of pay' mentality doesn't exist anymore and has been long gone. Now the under educated, never attended high school hamburger flippers at the local burger shop think they deserve $15 USD an hour. We have career politicians that should have been out of office a long time ago and lobbyist groups that spend more than my life time of wages in a single year to get a vote. Doing the right thing for the country, citizens and future citizens is also long gone. It is too late. It would take the next 3 generations to fix our political system, assuming that they wanted too.

    How? Cast your vote at your local city, county and state elections. The person that just got voted in as City Councilman, will be running for Mayor in a few years, Governor a few years after that and then off the Congress/Senate and ultimately the White House.

    A change of this magnitude just will not happen. I have a better chance of winning the lottery. A lot of young people in my area don't even vote. They could careless. As long as they get their WIC (Women, Infants, Children) and Food Stamps every thing is good. It is a lot easy to spread your legs, carry to term, birth and feed a child then it is to have to get up and go to work every day of their lives. Easier and I get paid?...Sign me up...This just seems to be the current slogan for today's society.

    Helping President Trump? There is nothing we can do. I don't think he cares if he gets impeached in the morning. He is going to do what he does the way the feels like doing it. Congress will continue to fight every word of every document that comes along and make things as difficult as possible. If President Trump has to get things done via EO (Executive Order), he will. Other issues he may not fight. I honestly do not know.

    I vote, I vote and I vote. I can vote all day long, but my vote does not matter when it comes to the Office of the President. Votes can be hand counted over and over and over. It is just a puppet show. The Electoral College votes for the President. Yes, I know their districts vote and then the representative in the EC votes in accordance with the district. It does not matter how the paper count comes out, as the representative can vote either way, regardless of the majority vote. They may not staying in politics long, but the can still vote however they want. No law against it.
  8. BTPost

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    I find that besides Voting for Good People, we also need to TELL our elected Repesentative how we need them to VOTE on specific issues, that we have concerens about... Especially when they are KNOWN Rinos... Let them know, you are watching there every VOTE that they make... and will b e considering their Voting Record the next time they come up for ReElection...
  9. oldman11

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    We had a black mayor that got busted for four counts of malfeasance of office(stealing) he was sentenced to nine years. The naacp got him out after three years because they said the sentence was too harsh. They threw out three of the four counts of malfeasance of office and he will go back to trial on the fourth count next month. Well in the mean time he ran for mayor again and won. The first time around he gave himself a raise to $75,000.00,done away with the police office,did not read water meters honestly,put his friends on town health insurance,and just about everything that was dishonest in this little town of about 3000.He just won re-election by a landslide over a mighty good mayor that was doing good. So were do you think the little town of Jonesboro,La. is headed,back to the gutters I would think. This is exactly what’s happening to the whole country. It’s crazy. Everybody wants everything but will not work for it. If we cannot do something in a little town like Jonesboro how are we going to help our country out. Jonesboro is 90% black,Jackson parish is about 70% white.So you can say the parish is being run by about 2500 sorry people as Jonesboro is the parish seat.CRAZY
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    @oldman11 , gators, crabs and turtles gotta eat, too...

    ....just sayin' ;)
  11. snake6264

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    In the Immortal words of Charlie Daniels "This lady may have stumbled but she aint never fell and if you all don't believe that you can all go straight to H*ll " my 2 cents
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    Its a futal task, but here goes! Build the God damn wall, phuk Nancy and sucky chucky! Bring our Mil home, stop funding charity overseas, stop supporting other countries, especially militarily. Stop fighting the POTUS and get behind him, stop in party fighting, stop cross isle fighting. Make term limits stick, and pull the pay and benifits back to a working man's income. Enforce all SCOTUS findings, hold the state's feet to the fire on all Fed laws, and pull back funding from those who do not comply! Remove any politician who refuses to uphold the constitution and bring prison sentencing to those who would act in treason!

    This is just a start, but a good one!

    This is just fantasy, nothi g will change until it's too late and we will be forced to do it old school with a revolution, and forcefully do what needs doing!
    Sadly, it will come down to those 3% of us willing to stand up and act, violently when needed! That's the only real way to save this country!
  13. SB21

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    I actually saw a story on your little town a while back , unbelievable .
  14. apache235

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    Even if you do vote, the Dems will "find" enough votes to overrule your 1 vote. Corruption is rampant and education is a joke and has been for a very long time. I don't see any way out of this mess other than a complete reset and that will not be fun, but if that is coming, then let it get here right quick as I'm getting way too old for this crap.
  15. mysterymet

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    Make sure to vote in local elections. Turn out for local elections is usually poor. If we can quietly motivate conservatives to vote in local elections maybe we can make change happen.
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    Unplug from the constant doom. And it is doom, not the truth. Yes, there is a bit of truth but every story is slanted with bias. And act locally. How many of you actually go to local meetings or seminars? I just attended a seminar on public/personal safety. There was no political slant, just people learning to keep themselves and their family safe plus learning to work as a community with others. Change starts with you.
  17. Big Ron

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    The view the Democrats have, and that is pushed by the media and taught to kids in our schools is bringing the country down.
    I don't see any constructive helpful ideas coming from the left. Trump needs to come up with some different ways of going at this.
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  18. Borrego

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    I usually am an optimist but I've come around to realize that we are purt much done. Trump , even if gets another term, will not be able to get us far enough back on the right track again.....
    The left controls the media, the schools, the press, and virtually every social group except for older whites....pretty dismal. The only hope I have is the "walk away" movement and the (remote) possibility that some minorities may wake up and realize we are losing it all........
    I hope there is something I am not seeing....I would like to be wrong. I think we are in for a lot more 'Ocasia Cortez' types, probably for a couple decades, before they realize their mistake....
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    I don’t believe the USA can survive over five years the way we are headed. All it would take would be something to happen to the President and Vice President,then the bitch Pelosi would be President. That would be the end. Why do you think she fought so hard for the title of speaker of the house. Can you just imagine what this country would be like with her and the democrats in charge. She might even have Cortez as Vice President,makes you sick to think about it.
  20. Ura-Ki

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    They would desolve the republic and create a New Galactic Empire!
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