Our Disposable Society

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tracy, Dec 5, 2008.

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    It seems that every day there's yet another disposable item available for our throw-away society. I'm sure you've noticed (if not purchased) disposable gloves, diapers, cameras, contact lenses, cell phones, and slippers. Latex disposable gloves have long been a staple of the medical profession. At restaurants and motels, there are options of disposable coffee cups, napkins, to-go containers, and plates - for starters. Just when I think we can't even come up with one more disposable item, I'm proven wrong again: It seems that even children are easily cast aside.

    I must admit that I agree with the safe haven law which has certainly saved quite a few newborns from untold tragedies. What disturbs me is how many parents are willing to dispose of their teenagers. What kind of a message are adults sending to kids about responsibility, commitment, bond, and trust? How are we to expect better behaviors from our future leaders if all they've been shown is the throwing-away of everything they've ever known, including family?

    Sure, teens can be a handful. Their tone, attitude, and body language says anything but "love me". I believe it's at this time in their lives, when they say that they want parents least of all, that they need their parents the most. As they try to establish their own boudaries, to head toward adulthood, find out who they truly are, they need stability, strength and love more than ever. They need the safe haven called Home. To cast them aside like a soiled tissue, to my mind, is unacceptable.

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    I couldn't agree more. I am simply amazed how many people confuse parenthood with happiness: They say things like "I want to be a happy / fulfilled person". Who in their right minds is going to be happy around teenagers? Even teenagers aren't happy around other teenagers!

    While I think these parents who give up on their kids should be shot (can you imagine the misery the parents inflict on these kids? how can you ride across country knowing you are going to dump your kids?). there has to be a nce little corner of hell set aside for these people.
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