Our military lies to recruit for Iraq

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minuteman, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. Minuteman

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    I have to get this off my chest so please allow me to rant.I just recieved an email from my middle Daughter.She got married last year to a young man who was in the Army Reserves.He had done a tour in the regular Army and when his time was up he joined the reserve and entered college.They met in college and fell in love and got married.Well,being young and in love she winds up with a very unplanned pregnancy.He sees that there is no way he can support a family on his salary and being a reservist he isn't entitled to the benefits of a regular serviceman.So he inquires about re-enlisting.They promise him that if he does then all the exspenses will be covered.His concern was having to leave his new family and go to Iraq.They promised him that they would defer any overseas deployment for at least one year,but that after that he might have to go.He was willing to do that.They moved them to Ft. Riley Kansas and were to assign him a job as a recruiter.They just got settled in and were awaiting his orders to come through.The orders came yesterday.He has been assigned to another unit and they deploy to Iraq the 29th of this month.The baby is due the 14th of Sept. All inquiries about waiting till after the baby is born have been met with "You have your orders".In other words your in ,and your going, so get used to it.Needless to say they are both devastated.Here she is in a new place,hundreds of miles from home,8 months pregnant and her husband has been ordered to leave in 3 weeks for a 6 month tour of duty.
    I just cannot believe that our military is so desperate for soldiers that they have to stoop to this kind of deciet to fill thier quota.They can't even allow this young man,willing to do his duty and serve his country,a lousy two week deferment so that he can be there for the birth of his child.Especially after that was agreed to to get him to re-enlist.WTF is going on.We have our reserves and our states national guard units over there(so much so that Governers are complaining that they don't have the resources to cope with natural disasters) and they still have to stoop to used car salesman tactics to dupe young men into signing up? You think the draft isn't coming back?
    Ok rant over.I'm just POd that they would pull this kind of crap.I've always respected our military and I especially have all the respect in the world for anyone who has served our country,but this is BS.
    And to make matters worse, his family lives in Boston and they are going to have my daughter come live with them while he is away.That means my grandchild will be a yankee!!!
    This hasn't been a good day.Thanks for letting me vent.
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    I'm so sorry to hear this. But, unfortunately this is nothing new for the military. They've been promising soldiers all sorts of things but when push comes to shove, that's all they are....promises. Unless he had them in writing, they don't mean a thing.

    The military does that to most of the young soldiers that enter. They promise them the world (but never in writing) and then basically do what they want. And wonder why nobody is willing to stay in. It's because they've been lied to.

    They tried to do it to my sister - but she had it in writing and they had to do what they promised.
  3. E.L.

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    I respect and support the military, but not the bs tactics that some of the REMF's come up with.
  4. melbo

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    My son just saw 2 of his friends off to the Bus Station, headed for Paris Island. A few nights before, The rwo future Marines were at my house telling me exactly what they were going to be doing.

    I didn't tell them that they would be doing whatever the USMC wanted them to do... Especially right now.
  5. monkeyman

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    That sucks a LOT, it seems that there should be some action that could be taken to hold them at least to the same standards as anyone else regarding honest dealings. Im sending you a PM, have an idea that may help him some, or at least couldnt hurt, though not likely to keep him home.
  6. Valkman

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    Man that ain't right. :evil:
  7. Minuteman

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    I just got an E-mail.My daughter went into labor this morning.Her husband was supposed to leave for Iraq the 29th but they changed his orders, once again( the 3rd time now),and he doesn't know where he's going.But at least he is going to be there for the birth of his child.I am thrilled about that.I am still not happy about the way the Army has been jerking them around, but I am glad that it worked out for them.I have to go check in the mirror.I think I feel another grey hair coming in.I am to young to have Grandkids.And this makes two.Jeez, where does the time go?
  8. Tracy

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    Congratulations to you, your daughter and family, Minuteman!

    I hope everyone is happy and healthy!
  9. RightHand

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    We will all be holding good thoughts for your family and await news of a healthy new life in our world.
  10. E.L.

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    Way to go MM!! b:: b:: b::
  11. Minuteman

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    Thanks to all for the kind thoughts.
    Had an email this morning

    Welcome to the world
    Trinity Nicole Comeu
    Born 7:06 P.M. CST 31-August-2005
    5 lb 14 oz.

    Mother and daughter doing fine.No mention of the father. Assume he is fine also.

    And was born in Kansas and not Massachusets!!!!! b:: b::

    I'd rather have a Jayhawk for a Grandchild than a Yankee!

    No offense Righthand.
    The war of Northern aggression is still being fought in these parts.
  12. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Congratulations Minuteman. May her life be filled with the wonders of the universe.
  13. TLynn

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  14. sniper-66

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    Kind Gentleman, If your Grandchild was born in Kansas close to Ft. Riley, that would make her a Wildcat instead of a Jayhawk. Then you wonder why the war of Norhtern Aggression is still being fought! Congratulations on your new WILDCAT!!!!!
  15. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    I like that even better!!
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