Our mind is our most powerful tool/weapon

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    Aloha! After some pretty deep lunch time conversations with @Bear today, I thought, why not start a thread talking about your mind set, thoughts and ideas. That could potentially be more meaningful than the stuff you have. Your mindset is your first step in prepping. In tai chi and qigong, we call it intention. It is probable the most powerful aspect of martial arts. And for being prepared as well. Please chime in.

    I guess I'll start it off. Ever since my monkeys were little, I have told them about Mr. Miyagi's "rules." I have warned them that there is no way to be prepared for random or crazy. They just have to be aware of what's going on around them and follow the rules.

    First rule, no be there. If there is trouble, or crazy, or just plain stupid happening, get away if you can. Or better yet, don't let yourself get into that situation in the first place. Was so proud to see big monkey apply this. We took the family to the beach and met up with a bunch of other homeschool kids. Many were friends. One boy got a bunch of them to go with him to a closed off area. Big monkey came and sat next to us. When I asked her why she wasn't hanging out with her friends, she said they ran off into the restricted area. So proud that she saw stupid happening and did not partake. Boy ended up almost stuck in a hole with the tide coming in. Idiot!

    Second rule, fighting bad.

    Third rule, if must fight, WIN! Big monkey example again to stay consistent. Years ago, one of her friends was being bullied by a bunch of guys. That was an opportunity to butt out, but was proud that she didn't. She did the right thing and stood for her friend. She "fought" with her mouth. She told the bullies off and physically got her friend out of there. They were shocked that one girl stood up to all of them and backed down.

    So if you follow the first rule, chances are the second rule is not an issue. But there are times and circumstances. Things happen.

    In rule three, there are no rules. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family and get to rule 1, where you are no longer in a bad situation.

    It was so coincidental that not only did Bear and I have that conversation at lunch, I had the same one with my students this morning. I guess "great minds?" think alike.

    Anyway, there is more that is on my mind. But this is a forum, so please share your mindset and thoughts on the matter. Sorry, no food pictures. :whistle:
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    There you go.
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    One of my favorite willpower rules-to-live by is to not become overwhelmed by the enormity of a large challenge, task, or situation to the point where the temptation to quit, or not even begin is strong. Discouragement takes hold if one looks at any project or challenging situation it its entirety. If time and skill allows, break the situation down into smaller, more achievable actions, and build from there. If time is too short, then back away, disengage and analyze the situation from a farther perspective.

    Maybe the entire project is too much to do within time and skill limitations, but very likely some parts will be doable, getting you that much closer to the goal. What appears to be an impossible problem can be solved gradually in "smaller bites" if one has the luxury of time and the willpower to keep trying, either straight on, or from different angles. "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Just a thought.....
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    Excellent! @Capt. Tyree my version is 'what could I do today that will move project X along?'
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    My personal favorite mind tool is the force choke... Darth Vader Force Choke.
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    @Tully Mars Yes ... but... can you do that mind choke?
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    Mind choke can, @Tully Mars do...
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    Use the farce....
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