Our Soldier's and War

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alpha Dog, Aug 10, 2011.

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    I was reading an old article today and I guess I'm just wanting to vent. It was about the military prison Guantonemo and how bad the prisoner's (terrorist) was treated. It also had some other things about how our troops treated hostile's that had been captured and how the soldier's could face criminal charges. This is a war and ugly things happen in war, when did these terrorist get to have rights from our Country. They attacked us and do you think that they are treating American's with any form of compassion? Hell no they aren't, Just ask the female soldier Jessica Lynch how nice they treated her or the camera man they beheaded. We are there to do a job and thats to conquer the enemy. Our boy's are watching their friends die over there and fight without any question every day. Then have to worry about some desk jockey who has never been any type of confrontation and has know idea what its like to be put in a war zone trying to make them criminal's and have them locked up for being a soldier. Our guy's are dying over there going into the enemy strong holds digging them out and blowing them up. Then our goverment rebuilds the towns and cities for the same people that gave the enemy safe haven on the tax payers dime. Did they they offer to rebuild the tower,s (no) does anyone think that if they were tearing up our towns and cities during a war they would pay to rebuild our Country (not). My thoughts on combat is go in blow everything up kill all the enemies and let the ones that gave them safe haven rebuild their own Country. If they have to use force on the enemy to find out information to keep the troops or our Country safe so be it ( They are the enemy and took American lives on US soil we didn't start this so let our guy's finish it by what ever meens it takes) Send a message to the rest of the world we will not stand for these actions and someone will pay the price. Im sorry if I have offended anyone this is how I feel and for all the men and wemon that serve in the armed forces thank you for all of your sacrifice.
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    hear, hear
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    A-Dog I know how ya feel ,I have 3 boys that have served and 2 that are still serving.
    Each has gone over twice and one 3 times ,every time they go I pray for them and remember what it must have been like for the wife when I did it.
    I think I'd rather face combat than sit back and wonder if they are alright with other making the decision in their day to day ROE .
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    I hopoe they make it back Cephus

    I know the in feeling...having had my eldest serve East Timor, he did come back...but profoundly affected by the experience. We hope that they will come back with arms and limbs intact...but we also hope that they come back with their mind intact too.

    My best wishes go with you, your Mrs and your children...may you all be reunited in happier and more secure days.
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    Looks like my youngest has orders to the rockpile in a few months...
  6. Alpha Dog

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    May God be with them all and bring them home safe. They are true hero's
  7. Hispeedal2

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    He'll be fine WD. Let me know if he needs anything while he's there. PM inbound.
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