Out of the mouths...of (Swedish) Babes

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  1. chelloveck

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    Sorry if you feel Rickrolled.....but

    The Babes are children....not buxom blonde bombshells...and they talk about their beliefs in a god.

    NB. If you don't want to watch follow on atheist youtube clips following the featured clip, you will need to disable the Youtube auto play function on the Youtube page that the Swedish video-clip is launched from.

    Where they may fit, as adults....may be indicated by general beliefs by Swedes in Deities, in Religion, and in science....
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  3. Mike

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    Interesting. But regardless, I know in my heart and soul there is God. I have seen him in the beauty of the Earth. In the smile of a child. In the awe provoking wonder of a lightning storm, in the flowering of a desert after a rain. I have seen things I can't understand, comprehend, nor "wrap my head around". But I am getting to be an old fart, and I find that my acceptance of things that used to confound me is increasing as my acceptance of faith increases. Just my own personal opinion. Others can believe as they will, or not.
  4. kellory

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    I am closest to God, while sitting 20' up a tree, watching the world wake.

    "Verse 3. - Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, - the word "weapon" signifying a utensil, vessel, or finished instrument of any sort (cf. Genesis 14:23; Genesis 31:37; Genesis 45:20). Here it manifestly denotes weapons employed in hunting, and in particular those next specified - thy quiver - the ἅπαξ λέγομενον, תְּלִי: from תָּלָה to hang, properly is "that which is suspended;" hence a quiver, φαρέτραν (LXX.), pharetram (Vulgate), which commonly depends from the shoulders or girdle (Aben Ezra, Rosenmüller, Keil, Kalisch, et alii), though by some it is rendered "sword" (Onkelos; Syriac) - and thy bow (vide Genesis 21:16), and go oat to the field, - i.e. the open country inhabited by wild beasts, as opposed to cities, villages, or camps (cf. Genesis 25:27) - and take me some venison - literally, hunt for me hunting, i.e. the produce of hunting, as in Genesis 25:28"
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  5. Mike

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    Well said, Kell
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  6. nkawtg

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    You have a right to speak your mind chelloveck, but I'm really tired of your anti-God militant Atheist posts.
  7. madmax

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    One of the reasons that I keep coming back here is the tolerance.

    I'm a Christian.
  8. chelloveck

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    At first, when I read your post, I wondered that it was an over reaction to some Swedish kids expressing their understanding about the existence and nature of god: That was until I watched the both clips embedded in the post and found that they clip was were part of a play lists...and that they play list extended beyond the clips that I had intended linking to. I have deleted the original links, and will find a links to the Swedish Children video, so that they can be seen as a stand alone youtube video clips.

    I understand your frustration, and it would be easy to complain in return, to the way here in which some theists at times criticise and poke fun at atheists, humanists, and indeed, other theists who don't share the same beliefs or the same god as the dominant faith confession of this site's members. However, Instead of complaining, I generally try to address myself to the issues that are expressed rather than venting my disapproval of the tone or method or the fervency of the message that is being conveyed.

    Am I anti-god?? The suggestion that I, as an atheist am anti-god makes no coherent sense. As an atheist I have no belief in a god or gods, nor do I have a belief in devils, demons, angels (Cherubim, Seraphim, Erelim, etc), incubi, succubi, or djinn et al. It is a little difficult to be angry at, or anti something that one has no sound reason to have a belief in the existence of. I am not anti-god, but what I am, is skeptical of claims about gods and other supernatural entities (and claims about what those gods etc expect and demand of us as humans); and I am also critical of the harm that stems from a belief in gods and other supernatural entities. For that, and expressing my skepticism and criticism, I make no apologies.
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  9. kellory

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    To bad. God believes in you, and he has a wicked sense of humor.... How else could you explain the giraffe?;)
    Good thing you like hot weather.....[reddevil][sarc1]
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  10. tr7heaven

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    I to am Christian and I know God exist and also know the God in my life is a good God. God states he will make himself know to all before they die and I believe that. We all have a choice and I really believe in my God. Just a matter of faith!
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  11. D2wing

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    Cute. I am not sure what the point is. Are you looking for intellectual support from kids? Just kidding.
    Jesus said to allow the little children to come to him. Also that you must enter Kingdom of God like a child.
    Kids do say interesting things though.
  12. madmax

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    I guess I was good at teaching kindergarten 'cause I was about that age emotionally.
  13. tr7heaven

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    @D2wing What you state is true "like a child" basically means broken all since of pride gone. That's why it states hard for a rich person to get into heaven, but good thing that all things are possible with God, why there is even hope for me. God wants all to come to him, but also knows who will hear his call, so I guess it was all mapped out before we were born, don't hardly seem like a fair God does it? God never said he was fair but Just! Anyway at this point in my life I no longer try to sway people to Jesus, but unlike me, God is far more patient. :)
  14. vonslob

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    For someone that claims to be atheist you should do post a lot of anti-God remarks. Is it so important to you that you have to express your atheist beliefs, are trying to convince believers or yourself?
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  15. D2wing

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    I agree with this. I enjoy some of your posts but, if your are honest you do have an anti God edge. I think you are in denial. Those who claim to be on neutral ground because they don't believe in God, or some other thing they are in denial about are not as neutral as they think or claim. And they are not unaffected whatever the claim.
    I understand that you fell unaffected. But with God, either you believe and follow him, or you are separate from him, no matter what the reason. By default you are against him. And it shows.
    If God really doesn't exist, why do so many atheist's attack him? They can't help it because they are unknowingly in the enemy camp and the enemy is happy to let them be ignorant of any spiritual beings.
    I do not want to attack you as a person, I like you but differ with you in this respect.
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