Outback Big Stick Cree LED 3 Watt - Black

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    The Big Stick
    I got one of these as a gift today from my manager and the advertised range is spot on, hands down the brightest LED flash to-date that I have had in my hands. no heat output.
    The beam of the flashlight is pre-focused and directional in nature; that means there is no adjustment needed to see both close-up and up to 350 yards away. With light emitting diode technology there are no dead spots in the beam and you get 100,000 hours of bulb life!
    It weighs 2.5 lbs with batteries and the outside is curled aluminum and very solid feel to it.with o-ring ‘sealing out water.
    It has a lanyard attachment spot on the rear of it.
    I haven't got to the end of the life of the 3 D batteries but I will let you know when i do.
    This so far is a really good light.
    Unscrew the lens and it is one hell of a torch that will stand up and lite a huge room with very white light.

    Very, very Bright and will make you see spots if you accidentally look into to it, or close to looking into it.
    The lanyard attachment could stand to be a bigger hole.

    For the money I say it is a good bargain.if not a great one.
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    The only reason I don't tout the 3 watt leds is that the performance of the 1 watt is more than adequate. In broad daylight outside I can aim it at a friends eyes with them totally unaware of what is going to happen, and no way expecting this type of light output, and I turn it on. Even under those conditions the brightness is uncomfortable. The dorcy 3 d cell is threaded aluminum with o ring seals just like the mag light. I have accidentally dropped mine from 8 or 9 feet onto concrete when exiting an attic with no damage and it still worked fine. I steered clear of the 3 watt lights because I assume they will use up the battery 3 times as fast as the 1 watt.
    Assume 4 months battery life with fairly heavy usage ... mine go a year.
    Okay so cost is $49 to $54, Is it a USA Manufacture, or imported?
    Dorcy brand is a Chinese import, but well made at $21 to $27 when I purchased mine. I don't mind the higher price if I can buy quality USA manufacture.
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