OutBack FlexPower FP1-2 ARRIVED!

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Just got my FP1-2 , 48v set up. I had been planning on building my on set up, individual parts, so that i could learn what does what and so on....With the help of the members here, tnandy and nadja, btpost and others, i started looking into components and systems....i found the FP1-2 at a price that i honestly couldn't buy the components for, never mind being wired, etc. To my surprise, the new units have a feature "AGS".....Automatic Generator Start up" that , from what little i know, usally requires a $100.00-$200.00 relay for)....and they come with the remote sensor for the batteries.....All in all, i am tickled to death that tnandy suggested getting the unit, and i found one at such a great deal....Thanks to all, and for someone looking to set up a system, while the initial cost seems outrageous, the "plug and play" and all the needed parts already there, make it a wise investment...Thank you TnAndy, Nadja, btpost, and everyone who helped me start the journey of my dream....rsbhunter
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    From one old guy to another almost old guy, your welcome
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    cool.... [worthless] when you get it set up, and running......
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    Always the same?????

    Just wanted to add a short note....When it comes to recieving help, it's always the small % of the mass, that has the most to contribute! I want EVERYONE on this site, and especially the folks on the "off grid" section, to realize the wealth of info we get from these individuals.....Thanks again to everyone...You are living proof that the "old" values are still alive and well....rsbhunter
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