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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Ok, will be ordering a Outback FM 80 Charge Controller within the next week....Ariz. S&W has em for $585.00 + shipping ($17.50 to my zip) . Just wanting to see if anybody has seen a better deal on price and shipping...I know shipping depends on zip code, but use one you know...Just had a Cranial Rectumtitis ( had my head up my !!!) moment when i bought my combiner box that cost me an extra $20.00!!!, and figured maybe someone here saw a better deal....Thanks for any help...rsbhunter
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    That sounds like a pretty fair price, but I always google stuff and try at least 5-6 sources when pricing. But something else to consider is the same thing you ran into with panels.....someplace may beat everyone else by a few bucks, but they don't have one on the shelf, nor do they plan to anytime soon.

    I thought you were gonna order a pre-wired power panel ? If you plan to start piecing it out, you've got a LOT more stuff to order, and learn how to assemble......LOT more.....
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    piecing it out

    That is very true, i was going to go the complete system, but being out in the "wilds" i really want to know how and what each piece does....and what to look at/for in the event of a "system down". And a BIG factor, was seeing your system, and how you've added and modified it to adapt to what you added!!!!! That is really SUPER impressive.The panel is super convenient, and probably would be cheaper, and about 100% easier...but the money spent on the pieces, and the education i will get in putting together a system, i honestly believe will pay me back over and over....If i was in the $$$ position to have a back up OutBack FlexPower system, that would be a different story...but as i am looking at retirement in a few years, i had better plan and practice living on a lower income than i have now...As this is my ONLY power at the cabin, i want to be able to handle as many problems that arise as i can.....being around 180 miles from any solar store or repair facility, it will be VERY expensive to not know as much as i can about the complete working of the system...Thanks...rsbhunter
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    As you wish....but I'll tell you this.....if "I" had to put another one in for ME, I'd go with the pre-wired panel, quite honestly. The amount you'll save in frustration alone will more than make up for any extra you pay to have it pre-assembled.....not to mention shipping on all the stuff you'll be piecemealing together, one at a time.

    The problems that are going to arise are going to be the internal electronics of the controller and inverter, if you have problems at all.....and without Outback to send you a rebuild kit ( I've already rebuilt one of my inverters due to lightning), you're out in the cold anyway.
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