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    I know that downloading from Scribd is not free, but there are ways to make it free. For example, if you sign up for the trial, you get an entire month free. Yes, you have to enter your credit card number, but you still don't have to pay a cent (so long as you cancel before the month is up). There are also other ways to earn free subscription time.
    Anywho, enough about that. Some nice person by the name of Jiří Schmied put together a little collection of ebooks related to survival. The number of ebooks is currently 579, but who knows, maybe this list will grow! Not all of the books are free, but most of them are. This user also follows a few people who have even more ebooks!
    Here's the link:
    Survival | Jiri Schmied

    Edit: Here's a few more links for the same site. A lot of the books are the same, but some are different.
    Survival | nelome91303
    SURVIVAL | johnmilk
    survival | Shawn Westmoreland
    Survival | Miodrag Drugovac Milosevic
    SURVIVAL | malupeng
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