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Discussion in 'Blades' started by timberwolf50, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I will probably catch alot of flak about this. Buck knives are over rated. There I said it, look the Buck brand has been around forever, and fathers have passed them down forever too. You may love it. I just never found them to be all that. The most popular knife they make is the 119, and it is well made. I found it too thick. I bought one in 1992. I tried between 1992 and 2009 to get any kind of an edge on it to no avail. Because it was thick, it is good at prying. Honest, not good for much else. After that and two other bucks (one folder knife haft decent). I gave up. What do you think, have you had better luck. I would really like to know. I find buck is like john deere. Great name only.
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  2. DarkLight

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    Others may very well flame you (hope you have your asbestos underwear) but I've had the same experience. Used to be great (had one in the 80s for scouts along with a Victorinox original Swiss Army knife) but they aren't the same as they used to be. Don't know what changed but I would agree that they just aren't "all that".
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    I noticed a difference between the 110 of the 70s and its successor the .110 or dot 110.
  4. timberwolf50

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    you know I really sweated writing that - so thanks - the knife that i use most and is easy to maintance sharpness is the gerber moment. Honest dirt cheap i can shave with it. Gerber gets a back rap. I have the mlf 2 infantry which is ok. It is just to heavy for me. Right now the moment is my go to knife. Thanks for your reply.
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  5. Yard Dart

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    The first knife that dad gave me when I was a wee lad, was a Buck. Still have it to this day, in the original leather sheath I made for it. I gutted and skinned many a deer and elk using that Buck... it worked well for me. :)

    Now days, most knives, like many other things, are made as cheap as possible....
    Best to find that quality knife that works for the job...and hold it forever.
  6. AD1

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    There wasnt much choice a long time ago and I am sure the quallity 50 years ago was better than today due to the cost cutting to meet the competition.

    I have a few Bucks in my collection but have moved to BenchMade, Gerber, KABAR, CRKT and Ontario
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  7. Hanzo

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    @Bear knives are great if you can get one!
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  8. Motomom34

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    Where is that Mr. @Bear ? It would be nice to hear his opinion on this as to why-
    I thought you could sharpen any knife.
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    Lots of folks may not know this, but Buck knives are heat treated to excellence --so much in fact, many custom knife makers are willing to pay for the Paul Bos heat treat. A knife needs to be sharp, hold its edge, and remain in working condition. Buck knives do these things, and more.

    And @Hanzo I do appreciate Bear as much as any normal person, but this cheerleader squad needs to come to a close. It gives me the willy's. That's just me as a member talking my mind, no mod hat on at the moment, nor is it needed here.
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  10. timberwolf50

    timberwolf50 Just be practical Banned

    Honestly, I could put edge on the 119 but nothing a respectable bush-man would be proud of. I was being kind on the post. Buck knifes totally s_ck. I wouldn't buy one. If someone gave it as a gift - I would give it to good will. Sorry I feel that strong about it. I knew I would catch some flak for the post. I mean it was well made and pretty, but as for as a bush craft-tool useless. We all have our opinion - sorry.
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  11. AD1

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    Would love a @Bear knife.......
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  12. Brokor

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    Perhaps this is the problem with a younger generation --they are not properly educated. Please allow me to tell you a short story. I am not trying to sell Buck knives, nor flame you for stating your opinion. As far as I see it, we've got ourselves a communication breakdown. Perhaps this occurred at some point after the State started educating our children. I remember as a child of ten, my father would be sitting at the kitchen table sharpening his Buck 110 on his favorite stone. This was no ordinary sharpening stone, like the fancy diamond types we see now, --no it was an Arkansas whetstone. I remember looking intently as he sharpened, watching his technique and studying every action. The stone is worn down heavily, a sign of frequent and long term use. The blade is old but in good shape, yet the wooden handle has seen better days. He allows me to inspect the blade carefully. Sharper than a razor! "Dad, is this the knife you used to kill that mountain lion you told me about?", I asked him. My father grew up in the 1940's and 1950's, and back then there weren't as many police, corporations or rules to follow. There also weren't as many gimmicks, fads, and disposable cheap items. A manufactured good needed to last or else the company would go out of business. My father skinned many deer and other animals with his folding Buck knife and he carried one his entire life, although not the very same knife. (note for researchers - the Buck 110 revolutionized the knife industry and started around 1964. So technically, my Dad also used other knives when he was a child. Other Buck knives, most likely...)

    It seems to be like far too many kids these days want the easy answer, want the very best of everything delivered to them. They seem to miss the point that people like my father forged their answers with a lifetime of effort. And this is the difference I see with the youth of today compared to the older generation --one created the future with hard work, the other has the future planned out and handed to them while they hardly have to work.

    A Buck knife epitomizes the working man's kind of blade. It isn't a specialized tool, it's a knife.
  13. stg58

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    I respectfully disagree.
    It is great that there are so many quality knives out there if you don't like one brand you can choose another.
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  14. Hanzo

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    I'm not an expert, but a belt grinder should sharpen anything fast. And it you are using a stone (how I do it), then prepare for time and elbow grease if it is dull. Keep it sharp and touch ups are fast and easy.

    Sorry if you are offended, @Brokor. I have a handful of Bear knives and like them. I have also said I like Mora and Victorinox. Brands that I also use and like.
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  15. Brokor

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    No offense at all. Bear is a wonderful guy, who doesn't like or admire him for his kindness and generosity?
    Your PM was very kind and I respect your insight.

    On the topic of knives, Mora and Victorinox are also high quality blade makers, and they fit nicely into the niche that Buck knives has been in for quite some time. I especially like how Mora has been at the lower end of the pricing, while Victorinox often scales a bit toward the higher end in pricing, but each are equal in quality and usability for various reasons. There's a new Mora full tang coming out later this year which will give many knife makers a run to catch up and compete, even if the Mora Garberg is expected to retail around $100. This price fits right in with several hunting blades from the Buck line.
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  16. Tikka

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  17. timberwolf50

    timberwolf50 Just be practical Banned

    I am old enough to know I would catch flak because of this post. I was born in 1965. I am 50 yrs old. I am not a young buck. Wow! Did I just say that. Buck is a name. This is the last thing I will say. Buck is not in my top ten or 20 brands. If you have have better luck grans to you. I done.

    I feel like bruce lee trying to explain jeet kune do, to the old time wing chun croud. Sorry, Buck brand is a thing of the past.
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  18. Brokor

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    You've stated your opinion, and each is entitled to their own. You shouldn't be surprised to find a few comments on a forum such as this in opposition to your own beliefs, but unlike your own, they are based on decades of experience, innovation, and tradition. Your opinion is valued for what it is, nonetheless.

    And what is better than a quality item which endures? You may believe a Buck knife is antiquated, but it is also a hallmark of tradition and excellence to find such a long lasting product line. The heat treating made Buck so famous, and it revolutionized the industry and remains a great example of the finest work in modern history of steel heat treatment.

    Now, one could say that they don't like the design of their tactical knives, and that would be a decent opinion, too. Perhaps some folks don't like the feel and look of their hunting line, maybe some are just too heavy and they prefer a lighter knife. These are examples of very good objections/opinions and they can welcome a discussion for other knives to be offered for critique and comparison.
  19. duane

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    Don't claim to be a knife expert, but the old Buck wood chisels were the best I have seen in my lifetime and the new ones are the best new ones I can afford. I don't think the overall combination of steel and heat treat used in the 1950's will ever be beat and I just wish the new ones lived up to that level.
  20. Pax Mentis

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    I've carried a succession of 110s for a little over 50 years now. They have always been hard work to get to a great edge (sorry you couldn't manage it), but not so much to keep them there. Never found a folding belt knife that felt better in the hand. I've probably had close to 100 other knives come through my hands in that time and the Bucks are the ones I keep...probably because of the hype I guess.
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