Over the Counter (Non-Prescription) Medicine How Much Do You Keep on Hand in case of TEOTWAWKI?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by ED GEiN, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. ED GEiN

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    How much Over the Counter Prescription Medicine (Like Flonase, Tylenol, Cough Drops, etc.) do you keep on hand in case of TEOTWAWKI? I generally keep 4 items of a product (i.e. 4 bottles of Flonase). Do you keep more of an item on hand or less and how many? Do you also hold onto expired products in case of TEOTWAWKI? I don't use expired items but still keep them as long as there is room.
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  2. oil pan 4

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    I keep some nyquill and the cough drops I like because during a bad cold and flu season like 2017-2018 you can't find it anywhere.
    I could find some cough drops but I think the only ones available were piss and vinegar flavor.
    Now I have some tamaflu I will hold on to but that isn't over the counter.
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  3. Tevin

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    I have a doctor and a nurse in my circle and they know what is worth having and what is not. I rotate stuff out as it expires.

    It costs some $$ but I look at it like an insurance policy.
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  4. Gator 45/70

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    I have a fish pond so they need medications periodically,Have to care for my baby's!
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  5. I'm lucky enough that Perago's is local company here. And we can buy the generic brand overstocks for a lot less at the company store. They produce a lot of the generic brands for many companies. We normally keep a dozen bottles of night time and day care on hand before winter. and I generally keep a half dozen or so packages of asprin , naproxen, triple A, ect. I rotate it when posable. but if some is out of date it go's in the trash. things like toothpaste,mouthwash, Multivitamins, can be bought there as well. A 12 oz. bottle of night time or day care is normally only .50c
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  6. ED GEiN

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    Thanks for your input. No problems with storage space? Its more a problem with me of storage space than cost.
  7. Dont

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    Anyone remember that study some years back on how long one can store Medications past their expiration dates? The word was they found that the med's stores in a climate control ed area had a much longer shelf life. That was the dry med's, liquid med's did not store as well as well as the past medications did not last.. I could never find a copy of that study and it was deemed classified information. Gov and big pharm working togeather again or just internet bull??

    I usually have a supply of Tylenol and Ibuprofen for pain and fevers, benidril 25mg's for the rash's that may come up, Bacitracin with zinc ointment for wound care. Of course a healthy supply of everything from bandaids to ABD's, cling wraps ans Coban. And the list could go on. And now I have some Imodium on hand and hope I will have no use for them..
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  8. We store our meds in a set of drawers that fit under the TV stand. Its about the size of a standard steamer trunk. Lots of room for what we keep. Its our medical chest if you will. Can be picked up and loaded as a unit if need be.

    Edit: We live in an apartment so space is limited also. But we like trunks;). Coffee table, end tables, ect. are actually fancy trunks that look good but also increase our storage space. Added bonus if we have to move, no packing needed for those things stored in them.
  9. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    I have a full size chest of drawers that house most of my medically related gear. A lot of the rest of it in in bug out bags and in the refrigerator .
    Making my own colloidal silver covers a lot off issues, but things like Benadryl and other pain relievers are essential as well.
    Not every one can take Tylenol, or should for that mater but it's there if required. Bandaging and braces and plaster and gauze and other relevant support for broken limbs are just as essential. I also maintain books ,as current as I can find, also dentistry and other common needs as well . I don't know it all ,but I have dealt wit all my own issue s alone, books as coach .
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  10. ED GEiN

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    Good idea I'll look if something like that would fit in with my apartment.
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  11. 3M-TA3

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    Don't forget vitamins and other supplements. Your body uses more of them during high stress and your food will almost certainly be lower in quality after a short time. In addition to multi vitamins have some additional C on stock for colds and eventually the potential for scurvy. Consider other supplements like glucosamine, sleeping aids, zinc lozenges as well.

    As others have said, keep a supply and rotate. There is more cost up front, but over time costs the same.

    Costco is your friend.
  12. Over the counter Medications Are generally good past the expiration date. The expiration date is for FULL potency. And some companies actually use it as a marketing ploy to get you to buy more. Generally it is safe to use 1 to 2 years after the date with about 70 to 80% strength. However! Not for Prescription Drugs! Many prescription drugs become Toxic after the date. Nitro, Insulin, some antibiotics such as Tetracycline, and others can kill you. OTC drugs? your call. Prescription Drugs? Not worth the risk......
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  13. T. Riley

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    Most drugs, in pill form, are effective long after their expiration date. It’s liquids and gel-tabs that may cause a problem. Post SHTF it would be foolish to rely on expiration dates alone. Keep pills cool, vacuum packed and in the dark and they will last a long time. Know which won’t. Mine are vacuum packed in the bottom of my frig.

    “Most of what is known about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military. With a large and expensive stockpile of drugs, the military faced tossing out and replacing its drugs every few years. What they found from the study is 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date.”

    Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything? - Harvard Health
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  14. I've posted this before. My (late) XYL worked in pharmacy and said analgesics get weaker as they age. Don't keep antibiotics too long after they expire because they can change and cause worse problems. Keep all drugs dry, dark, and cool.
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  15. T. Riley

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    What we do now, what is reasonable now, will change after SHTF. I do not throw away any prescription meds in pill form. The world may go to hell before morning and I could be glad I have them even if I have to double the dosage to get to previous strength. I store fish antibiotics, but I would not use them unless there were no other options.
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  16. Gator 45/70

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    Anyone try this CBD oil?
    I have for back pain,All it did was kinda numb the underside of my tongue.
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  17. arleigh

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    CBD oil does not work on every one.
    I believe it is important to store things that fit one's own needs and things that can be used or barter in the future.
    A simple tooth ache can drive a person nutz, any kind of relief can be worth quite a bit.
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