"ows" calling for global "robinhood"tax

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Oct 29, 2011.

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    And global govt to administer it....
    Marx's "useful idiots"havebeenbusy:

    [ex] "On October 29, on the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit in France, let's the people of the world rise up and demand that our G20 leaders immediately impose a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades. Let's send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3-trillion easy money that's sloshing around the global casino each day – enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world.
    Take this idea to your local general assembly and join your comrades in the streets on October 29.

    Oct. 29 #RobinHood Global March | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

    On Saturday, people will be taking to the streets in almost a thousand cities, 82 countries and six continents. In London, people plan to occupy the Stock Exchange. We are united for global change and united for global democracy: global governance of the people, by the people.
    The following manifesto was produced over four months through consultation among groups, activists and people’s assemblies in countries such as Britain, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, Spain, the US, Palestine, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, India and Australia. We got comments, suggestions, support, and wrote and rewrote it again and again. The text has been supported by Canadian-based Naomi Klein, Indian-based Vandana Shiva, the US-based Michael Hardt and Noam Chomsky, as well as Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano.
    United for #GlobalDemocracy
    On 15 October 2011, united in our diversity, united for global change, we demand global democracy: global governance by the people, for the people. Inspired by our sisters and brothers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, New York, Palestine-Israel, Spain and Greece, we too call for a regime change: a global regime change.


    new speak;
    "ministry of love";
    blue helmets;
    here we come![kneelsuckers]
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    The big problem with such a 'global tax' is..... WHO gets the money!? I'll be damned if I let the UN or it's globalist goons take MY money! :mad:
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    I posted on Facebook that (one of) my issues with the 'tax the rich more' idea is that all it's gonna do is end up in the pockets of the politicians. My idea, if they want to help end poverty, maybe, *shock* lower/eliminate taxes. If people have more money in their pocket, they won't be poor. Hey I think I just solved a global epidemic. Get rid of taxes, politicians will have to fend for themselves, and people will have more money in their pockets!
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    Instead of a RobinHood Tax on the Rich I have a far better idea!!! I propose a Stupid Tax of 10% on all Stupid People. The money to be used to put ALL kids in School Uniforms to eliminate the stupidity of being "Fashionable" like the Kardashions & other Hollywood Idols. As well as hire a Veteran for each grade level for a mandatory class called "American Values & Self Responsibility" to educate the stupidity out of our young in the effort to smarten up future generations.
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    I like STANGF150's stupid tax that would work well and increase the amoutn of money Big Brother can steal, It's easier to take from stupid people.

    The thing I see in this Global tax is just one step and a big step to a one world goverment (Bad Idea). With that being said the UN could use the Global tax as a way to force the US into disarming Americans with the support of UN force and if the US don't the One World Goverment would with hold funds until the US did. Also with that type of goverment It would be almost impossible for us to vote out people like OdumbA$$. I think that the one's setting on the new goverment would be almost lifer's.
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    1 - Agree
    2 -If the US chooses to obey the global dot gov, then yes, it could happen. (But there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.)
    3 - Our own congress (deliberately not capitalized) does exactly that, mandating that states do things a certain way to receive federal funding.
    4 - Voting will be a thing of the past. Global central gov't would withhold some of its "generosity" if the feds were not headed by an approved puppet.
    5 - See 4.
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