OWS - getting played like a fiddle

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by NVBeav, Oct 28, 2011.

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    I'm confident that would be a safe bet. As for ACORN. More of the same. They are tied at the hip to obammy - how could anyone with a functional brain cell expect that to be different just because they got busted?

    Look at obammy's family. Criminals. KNOWN criminals. But are they being prosecuted, or given social service benefits?
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    I just saw the "version" of a video made by liberals saying the Oakland OWS was not in any way shape or form creating ANY problems...Then it was "edited" carefully to show that ONLY the police were the people responsible for any violence! Have they LOST their minds...? Or, did they ever have one?
    I am tired of the distortions and insanity they throw out there, and call it FACTS!
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    OWS - the WRONG thing being done in the WRONG place for the (mostly) WRONG reasons.
    The few true protesters of the current condition, those that are lucid, coherent and have true grievances, should be camping out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the slopes of Capitol Hill........
    THAT'S where the true probems are!
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    That's what I said ever since OWS started, it's not the Wall Street people that are to blame, it's the government. But my personal opinion is that those behind OWS just want to incite class warfare. You keep the private citizens fighting amongst themselves, the government can do whatever it wants, and no one will notice til it's too late.
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    BULLSEYE V,simply put and profoundly true![respect]
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    Well it's all because I actually listened to my mother saying the same thing for years. Just please don't tell her I actually do listen to her. She might get ideas. ;-)
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    Unfortunately, some people don't realize that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes...
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    Great, a Fox News story. If you went somewhere else you might find a story from someone who isn't a sensationalist and who cares about this country.

    Pretty messed up, using people's donated money to pay bums to go to a protest. They don't really need the help there, it sounds like Acorn is shameless and self promoting, and just using the true OWS movement.
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    EXACTLY! And not just ACORN. This 'movement' was derailed and corrupted on Day One. It was just too good a chance for the UberLeft to waste.
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    I'm an ass. I hate Fox.
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    I am a conservative and don't hate MSNBC. Ain't worth my time to hate a TV station. I actually get a great laugh out of watching them(at neighbors', we don't have TV and wouldn't watch MSNBC at home even if we did). Like Thursday they were interviewing Barney Frank about his and Chris Dodds' plan to help the economy/mortage mess. I did my best not to just start laughing so hard I fell down.
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    ALL news organizations are biased. But, in general I find Fox less so than the Leftwing propaganda outlets - MSNBC, CNN, etc. Just have to pick your flavor of Koolade - blue or red.
    Or try the overseas news - they are often less opinionated and biased, having 'no dog in the fight'.
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