Oxygen absorbers at work

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  1. fortunateson

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    Here's a picture of some popcorn I packed in April. This is about 40lbs packed in mylar, within a 5 gallon pail.
    Within are 3 500cc O2 absorbers.

    As you can see, they did a great job of virtually vacuum packing the contents.
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    Interesting. Where did you get your O2 absorbers and what is your process for storing using them?

    I ask because we are in the process of building back up our food stock. We are about to take the plunge on some starches and need an airtight solution.
  4. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Got the mylar bags and O2 absorbers from these folks:


    Got the 5 gal. buckets from a fast food joint that was selling their buckets on craigslist for $1 ea.

    As soon as you open the pack of O2 absorbers they start working, so you'll want to pack in large batches. You can store them in mason jars if you have some left over.

    Place a bag in a bucket. Throw in an O2A.
    Fill half way with grain.
    Throw in another O2A.
    Fill to the top leaving some space.
    Throw in another O2A.
    Seal the bag with an old iron. I did mine by ironing the bag over a metal ruler.
    Pop the cover on and label with a sharpie.
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    Women's hair straightening iron works better than a regular iron if you have one too.
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    divorced in 1971... retired from military in 1994... Bald... Yup, sure. I got 4 of 5 of those laying around here somewhere. Freakin' house keeper ain't doing the job proper!
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    Hey that's a great freaking idea! b::
  8. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Used one of those too, but found myself using the iron. It was just ergonomically easier to drag the iron across the ruler-backed bag, but that's just me.
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    Sorry, when I read "oxygen absorbers at work" I was expecting to see a picture of some of the people I work with, or the people that sent Melbo the email he referenced in the humor section.
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    Lol, those are oxygen thieves!

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    Seeing it is moisture in the corn that makes it POP , Is it still POP corn??
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    If you have a bad pop ratio , soak unpoped new kernels in distilled water for 24hs & then drain the jar as the jar is upside down to let water out & the kernel to absorb ,after all draining 2 days , flip jar so open is up & pop in 1 day dried kernels . the time is ambient & temperature dependent ..

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  13. arleigh

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    Thanks , I was a bit concerned about my own pop corn storred years ago with O2 absorbers .
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