Pack your shit and go home.

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    Pack your shit and go home.
    <HR style="COLOR: #555576" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I couldn't believe my ears when I saw this County Commissioner on the local news tonight!

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">New Shooting Park Stirs Emotions
    Updated: Aug 25, 2009 6:40 PM PDT

    A shooting park that has been the center of much debate in northwest Las Vegas is one step closer to opening up for business.

    On Tuesday, Nevada's top Republicans and Democrats were in the valley to dedicate the Clark County Shooting Park which is located near Decatur and Grand Teton.

    It took years and help from politicians like U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Congreewoman Shelley Berkley and Senator John Ensign for the controversial shooting park to become a reality.

    "This is going to provide tourism activities -- not only gun safety and education -- but also the tourist attraction that I think this could become for Southern Nevada is tremendous," Ensign said.

    A 148-acre first phase is expected to open by December with trap, skeet, archery, pistol, rifle and shotgun ranges, plus a pro shop, classrooms and cafeteria.

    Top leaders say there's finally a place where old time Nevada tradition can carry on. But while the sound of gunfire might be music to some ears, it's like nails on a chalkboard for nearby residents Michael and Michelle Twomey who can see the shooting park from their backyard.

    "If I knew when I bought this house that that would be going there, there is no way I would have spent all of the money on this house," Michael Twomey said.

    The couple has invested a lot of money in their backyard and now they are worried their personal paradise is about to be ruined.

    "I know what it sounds like on the Fourth of July and that's what I'm envisioning and I think that is what is going to be heard, just constant shooting," said Michelle Twomey.

    But Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins had no empathy. "They can call Uhaul and pack their ass and leave," he said. Commissioner Collins says the park is more than a half-mile away. He said residents who complain need to get a life.

    "Pack your shit and go home. That's my feelings," he said.

    "Build one in his backyard and see how he feels," said Michelle Twomey. They say even if they wanted to leave they couldn't. They say trying to sell their home complete with a shooting park in their backyard will be impossible. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins... my new hero!
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    :shock: Way to GO!!!! If I could afford it, I'd buy that house. A shooting range a half mile away. WOOHOOO!
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    Those people are liars - everyone around there knew at least 5 years ago that this was coming. I kept waiting as I didn't live but a few milew away but it didn't show up before we moved. **** those people who live there now and complain.
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    Good to hear that there are a few good elected officials left
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    If they offered free membership thats a house id buy what you can take your gear half a mile away, and bam your there. What? I forgot my targets
    or mags etc, no problem be right back :D
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    That guy kicks ass. [gun][gun][flag][patr]
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    Heck, I bought my property because it's close to the public range - love the convenience! :D
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    Before moving here, I was half a mile from the trap range. If I heard popping, I knew there were shooting partners there and off I went.
  10. jim2

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    A great guy! God bless him!!!

  11. vegasrandall

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    a honest politician? he will never make it.
  12. SuperTico

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    Well. I look at the bright side.
    It's not a police station they are building so at least the neighborhood won't be swarming with shaved headed, steroid monkey , wanna be Nazi's.[peep]
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    First of all we have several members here who are or were law enforcement and they are valued members of our community. Painting all LEO with such a broad brush statement is insulting and not conducive to the atmosphere that we strive to maintain here.

    Secondly, isolated abuse of power is common anywhere and is certainly not "uniguely amurkin". Your little slice of paradise included.

    Police abuse ( are they shaved headed down there?) is common and not aggressevily prosecuted. Abuse of women, rape, child abuse, forced sexual expoitation of children, abuse of indigenous peoples and immigrants, and an intimidated and censored press.
    Yep, sounds like a real paradise to me.

    Costa Ricans enjoy a wide range of individual rights and freedoms, although there have been well-founded complaints concerning the occasional use of excessive force by police and lengthy pretrial detentions. Discrimination against blacks, Indians, and women has also been reported, and many women are victims of domestic violence.
    The trial of the 2 commanding officers of a 13-member Rural Guard unit (the "Cobra Command") for the 1992 murder of 2 drug suspects and the rape and abuse of indigenous people, although scheduled in the fall, had not begun by the end of the year. The authorities have charged 12 ex-members of the Cobra Command with murder, rape, and deprivation of liberty.
    The Constitution prohibits cruel or degrading treatment and holds invalid any statement obtained through violence. The authorities generally respected these prohibitions in practice, although a study by the National Ombudsman's office found that reports of isolated instances of beatings and other physical abuse by police agents were credible.
    There were also limited instances of police using excessive force in controlling crowds, including squatter evictions in Pavas and an April labor conflict in Sarapiqui. The press and labor groups severely criticized the police for failing to negotiate a peaceful end to the confrontations and for their ready resort to force.
    Claiming that abuse of power, inefficient government administration and human-rights abuses are still serious problems in Costa Rica, the Ombudsman's Office yesterday released its annual report on human rights, with topics ranging from indigenous poverty to the government's support for the U.S.-led war against Iraq.

    In August the Criminal Court of the First Judicial Circuit of the Atlantic Zone found four police officers guilty of abuse of authority for beating a suspect who resisted arrest for public disturbance. Each officer received a three-year suspended sentence. All four defendants appealed the judgment, and the appeals were pending at year's end.
    In May a former police officer stood trial for allegedly beating a robbery suspect in an attempt to force a confession following an arrest in 2003. At year's end the criminal trial was still ongoing. The officer resigned his post in March, which nullified all administrative actions against him and ended the internal investigation.
    The government continued to identify domestic violence against women and children as a serious and growing societal problem.

    Through September 2004 judicial authorities reported approximately 5,708 cases of sex crimes. Approximately 17 percent of the prison population was serving sentences as a result of convictions related to sex crimes. Adolescent girls between 14 and 16 years of age were particularly vulnerable, and constituted the largest single age group of rape victims. During the year, 91 rape cases were reported by 14 to 16 year old girls, out of 424 cases reported to OIJ Police.

    In recent years the autonomous National Institute for Children (PANI) increased public awareness of abuse of children, which remained a problem.FromJanuary 1 to June 30, PANI assisted 6,562 children and adolescents, including 2,860 cases of physical abuse, 2,171 cases of sexual abuse, 986 cases of psychological abuse, and 545 cases of substance abuse.

    Traditional attitudes and the inclination to treat sexual and psychological abuse as misdemeanors at times hampered legal proceedings against those who committed crimes against children.

    The government, security officials, and child advocacy organizations acknowledged that the commercial sexual exploitation of children remained serious problems (see section 5, Trafficking). PANI estimated that three thousand children suffered from commercial sexual exploitation and street children in the urban areas of San Jose, Limon, and Puntarenas were particularly at risk. During the year PANI reported that it provided assistance to minors in 120 separate cases of commercial sexual exploitation.

    During the year the Judicial Investigative Police created a new investigative unit dedicated solely to trafficking in persons. By year's end the government secured 10 convictions among the different prosecutors' offices for trafficking-related offenses. Hundreds of investigations into the commercial sexual exploitation of children were initiated, but few resulted in successful prosecution as a result of governmental inefficiency and inability to protect witnesses. Minimal coordination among government offices responsible for trafficking-related offenses also frustrated enforcement efforts.

    There were reports of corruption among immigration officials involving trafficking in persons along the country's borders, but the Immigration Directorate reported that no disciplinary actions were taken.

    There were allegations that immigration and other border officials abused refugees.
    The government had not yet modified the law to comply with a 2004 Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling that the government should reform within a reasonable amount of time the press freedom laws on media prosecution. The ruling arose out of a 1999 conviction of a journalist for defamation.
    At year's end the March 2004 separate convictions of 2 journalists with sentences of 30 days and 10 days, respectively, were overturned on appeal. The February 2004 conviction of a third journalist for publishing a story accusing a public employee of misuse of public funds remained on appeal.

    At year's end six defendants who were accused during the year of killing and/or illicit association in relation to the 2003 killing of journalist Ivannia Mora awaited trial. The trial was scheduled to begin in May 2006.

    In December the trial of 10 defendants arrested in 2004 for the 2001 killing of radio host Parmenio Medina began.

    The Commission on Control and Rating of Public Performances rates films and has the authority to restrict or prohibit their showing if it is determined that the films are pornographic or violent in nature, or incite crime or vice. The commission has similar powers over television programs, radio programs, and stage plays. In addition the commission regulates the sale and distribution of written material deemed pornographic, enforcing specific packaging and display regulations. A tribunal reviews appeals of the commission's actions.

    On October 31, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights agreed to review allegations of censorship brought against the rating commission by the owner of a local tabloid magazine that the government closed in May 2004 after the owner printed semi-nude photographs in a 2003 issue without first submitting that issue for the rating commission's review.
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