Pain issues or blood pressure issues?

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  1. I have pain issues that jack my blood pressure up extremely high and I think I want to start looking at a natural way to get it down. I know I can't be alone with these issues so I thought I would share!

    There are a few obvious things like diet and exercise but there are a few I didn't know about. Hopefully it's something new for someone else too!,,20488689_last,00.htm
    Forms of Herbal Medicine

    You can use herbs as a dried extract (capsules, powders, teas), glycerite (glycerine extracts) or tinctures (alcohol extracts). And, they can be ingested in drinks, food or as supplements.

    Herbal Teas

    Herbal teas are a soothing and tasty way to treat high blood pressure. Examples include kava kava, yarrow and hibiscus tea. Unless it's indicated otherwise, make herbal teas with one teaspoon of herb per cup of hot water. Steep covered from 5 to 10 minutes for leaves or flowers, and 10 to 20 minutes for roots. Drinking 2 to 4 cups a day is safe and healthy. A study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension showed that hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. Use two tablespoons of the dried herb steeped in one cup of water, taken one time per day.

    Herbal Medicine in Food or Supplements

    Garlic - It's the easiest herb to incorporate into your life to help lower your blood pressure. Garlic has all kinds of health benefits, so buy yourself a garlic press, and get cooking. Olive Leaf - Researchers from Germany and Switzerland conducted a study on an olive leaf extract. They found that 1,000 mg of the EFLA®943 extract had substantial effects on people with borderline hypertension. Their study was published in a 2008 edition of Phytotherapy Research. Coleus forskohlii - Coleus, a member of the mint family, lowers blood pressure and improves heart function. Hawthorne - The fruit and flowers of the hawthorne are used medicinally. They dilate coronary blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure. Mistletoe - It isn't just for kissing under anymore. Mistletoe is a popular herbal remedy in Europe, particularly for hypertension. Rauwolfia - You only need a small dose of rauwolfia to treat high blood pressure and avoid side effects. Achillea wilhelmsii - Using 15 to 20 drops twice a day can help lower your blood pressure. Reishi mushroom - 150 to 300 mg of the mushroom, two or three times a day, can help lower blood pressure. You can also take 30 to 60 drops of the mushroom extract in a tincture, 2 to 3 times a day. Talk to your doctor before you take reishi, since it interacts negatively with other medications. It may also increase the risk of bleeding.


    10 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

    According to the American Heart Association, more than 73 million people in the United States over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. This equates to approximately one in three adults. In up to 95 percent of the cases of high blood pressure, the cause is unknown. Yet, high blood pressure is easy to spot by doctors and is usually highly treatable.

    The good news is you can lower blood pressure naturally. The following are 10 ways you can drop your blood pressure numbers gradually and safely without using prescription medications.

    Through Diet: Dieting is one of the most impressive ways to reduce high blood pressure. Doctors often recommend reducing your total body weight by 10 percent to lower blood pressure to a "normal" level.
    Stop Smoking: Smoking, or any type of tobacco, can cause a dramatic rise in your blood pressure, even when you are not smoking.
    Garlic: Garlic is one of the most commonly recommended herbs for improving high blood pressure. Add it to your favorite dishes. Take supplements. Garlic is a well-known cardiovascular system healer, helping to improve the function of your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system.
    Saffron: Though expensive, these tiny stems from the crocus plant are, in fact, a good way to reduce high blood pressure. You can add saffron to the dishes you prepare to get the benefits from it. It can also be an addition to tea for a soothing drink with a rich flavor. It is a recommendation that you consume a small amount of saffron on a daily basis to see significant results in your blood pressure.
    Lime Blossom: Lime blossom is another tea method for reducing high blood pressure. Infuse the blossom in hot water. It is a belief that a cup a day of this tea will be able to reduce your blood pressure within two weeks.
    Hawthorn: A commonly prescribed herb for overall health, hawthorn is also a great solution for high blood pressure. It is said to have been in use for centuries for just this purpose. It can be in use in as a tea or a cold drink, or in supplement form.
    Omega 3: This fatty acid is an excellent tool for reducing blood pressure. In some cases, if used regularly, people have been able to reduce their blood pressure so much so that they were able to stop taking prescription medication, with their doctor's permission. Omega 3 is in a variety of foods, especially fish. You can also take supplements.
    Eat Whole Grains: Whole oats in particular are said to be very good for heart health. Oats are able to reduce hypertension in many people if consumed regularly.
    Drink Wine Moderately: A glass of wine a day is said to offer a number of health benefits, especially for the heart. Drink a glass after meals each night. Limit alcohol to just wine and keep it in moderation.
    Eat a Healthy Diet: Mix up your diet to include a large number of fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of red meat you eat. Look for low fat dairy. Reduce the amount of fat you consume overall.

    These natural ways to lower blood pressure are a great place to start, but a healthy diet really is the foundation for overall well being. To improve your cardiovascular system's health, follow the instructions your doctor has provided to you.

    Be sure your diet contains the nutrients necessary to help you to reduce your blood pressure. The right vitamins and minerals help improve overall health. Choose herbs, supplements or foods rich in the following for the best results.

    L Carnitine
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E
    Coenzyme Q10
    Black Cohosh
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    Jeepgirl, great post. I am an RN and personally think herbal medicines are often overlooked, probably due to the millions drug companies spend on schmoozing doctors. I have a lot of experience in this area, but am always looking to learn more. Am currently researching herbal medicines in an attempt to help my dad. He suffers from dementia caused by perphial vascualar disease caused by high blood pressure. Currently all drugs on the market are to treat Alzheimer's. Very frustrating. Have found Chinese herbs to help, but can't get them sent to US. If you ever need advice, support, to just vent, whatever, PM me, I would be more than happy to help/listen. There are things I am not comfortable posting here, but would be extremely interested regarding how/what your are addressing the pain issue. Best of luck to you!!
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    Pain is a symptom of another problem. The best answer is to get the problem resolved. The best natural substance for chronic pain in my opinion is cannabis. Eating it is probably better for one than smoking it. The problem is no matter what analgesic you find, you will build a tolerance to it, unless you have the nerve fibers killed. Again, best to get the problem causing the pain managed.
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    Jeep girl your list included soy IMHO soy should not be eaten in any form by anyone ever. Get all carbohydrates and sugar out of your diet. My wife was having problems with pain and once see got rid of the carbs/sugar it went away. This didn't happen over night but she feels much better now.

  5. I must have read over soy. I wouldn't recommend soy especially for women.
    Soy products actually leads to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, especially in younger women. It Screws up your estrogen hormone.

    As far as the holistic approach, I was on a SHTF kick. What do you when you can go to a doctor or pharmacy? What do you do if you want to get away from prescriptions? Just lots of questions...

    As far as pain, I've been on pain killers for 5+ years now. I have a friend that is really into holistic approach and cannabis..etc Just got me curious!
    I love to know what has worked for your dad. When I don't want to take pain meds, I go for Jack Daniels straight. I add honey for allergy reasons and I can drink a small glass on the rocks and depending on what hurts, I don't feel it anymore. I've never smoked marijuana, but I've heard it works wonders for MS.
    I need to go read more about it.
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    SilverSnake, it was recommended as a treatment option for me a few years ago via a pain mgmt specialist (an MD) to have the nerves on my landing areas (forgot the tech. name of the spine segemnt) of my spine lasered off. Before having that done I found out on the internet that the nerve endings rebuild within 3-9 months and that that technique was a temporary one. When I pointed this out to the Dr he agreed. I then asked him why he didn't tell me that, he stopped talking to me and started to reference me in the 3rd person to my wife. Our association ended that day. I was very blessed and found a brilliant pain mgmt guy about 95 miles away and he has been a great help. I have had 5 spine surgeries, my C5,C6, & C7 are fused, L4 & L5 are fused, my C2, C3, & C4 are broken and considered inoperable, and I have a pneuro-stimulator installed in my side with a 7 year battery which I recharge weekly. I am on heavy drugs but have been slowly (very slowly) weening down from where I was a few years ago. My joke is when the Good Lord formed me He grabbed a sleeve of Ritz crackers for spine material as they have broken so easily LOL.
    You are absolutely right, however, that the source of the pain should be first identified before any corrective actions are undertaken.......
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    Georgia_Boy Your case sounds stunningly difficult. I empathize deeply to you and will add you to my prayer list.
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    My current situation goes something like this...

    I have a buddy that's in my unit and together when the SHTF, we will incorporate a few others into our MAG. He is working to earn money for his goal which is to have certifications in herbology?, physical training and chiropractic work. I am planning on EMT, Paramedic and ER doc. I think with those skills we will be able to cover the health area. We are both into martial arts as that not only helps with self-defense, it also helps with lowering stress through meditation. On the whole I think it will work.

    As far as my physical being, well BP gives me problems. I get headaches from the BP, like often occurring migraines and other headaches. For the most part I am healthy, just the headaches. I try to take those store bought garlic pills and add garlic in my diet at every turn, still no noticable difference. I don't know what it is that is causing it. I don't over-indulge in salt, pork or such stuff. I eat it on regular basis in small quantities. I don't cram full of chips or salty foods. Do that only when a craving takes hold, which is not often. I thought maybe it's stress, though my life doesn't seem stressful and if I did de-stress it would still be there. I'll learn one day because I need to get rid of it or control it with natural remedies because I don't need to stroke out or get an aneurism.
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    Suggest a scan.
  10. +1
  11. Tailor that is one of the reasons I started looking into this stuff, when there is no doctor or drug store, you have to find other ways. Last time I got sick, I had honey and that helped believe it or not. So I want to learn other methods.
    As far as the blood pressure issue, I agree with the other person about the scan, or maybe even an EKG.
    I was thinking about doing the same. I am 95% sure mine is caused from pain. My doctor believes it 100%. But to get answers you have to goth through test.

    Does your buddy have any good book recommendations? Or anyone else for that matter, for holistic medicine or surviving wilderness.. Etc.
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