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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by ghrit, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I found that rather well thought out, and agreed with most all of it. Then I read the comments following it. Typical right and left polarization.... then a question of "who writes these things for her?".... That made me wonder..... some time she gets caught flat footed with no answer, and yet here it all seemed so poised and well thought out. Is it possible someone else is ghost writing in her facebook blog for her? [dunno] .[stirpot]
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    I wish she'd just disappear from the national scene. I agree with her stances, but McCain did her in. Put her on a leash and made a fool out of her. Sorry, but it's true. She's damaged goods. Even as a conservative, I have to admit that all the "you betcha, and Joe the Plumber" made her look like an idiot. She's done and only stands in the way of a better candidate. If she'd never messed with the McCain camp and spoke her own mind, she might be gaining respectability now - but it's ruined.
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    Good points Fortunateson. I agree that Sarah P. is a lot like a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate syrup all over. (Now there's a thought....) It's great with a hot cup of coffee after a good meal, but the enjoyment lasts just about as long as it takes to finish the dessert.
    Sarah's impact on our political scene is significant, no doubt, and I believe her most useful contribution will not be as a White House candidate. She is better looking than any other woman on the national political scene, and has the brains and verbal ability to back up her independent conservative views. Also, she can out shoot and out hunt most of the men on Capital Hill. No doubt those politically correct men and women feel threatened by this "Joan-of-Arc" figure from Alaska.
    Her best role for now will be as a guest speaker for other candidates, Fox News contributor, Op-Ed column writer, and possibly future Presidential Cabinet appointee, at least for the near term.
    In 10 years, after she has gained more "polish" and experience on the national scene, she may be viable as purely a political candidate nationally. Hopefully, we have that kind of time as a Constitutional Republic.
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    ""Joan-of-Arc" figure from Alaska"


    "the blind, apparently like to be lead by the blind"
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