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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. rsbhunter

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    Starting to get tools together to build the cabin....i got the small generator, 3500 watt , and i am looking at a pancake compressor? Something small, light, and it won't be usrd for heavy duty production line work...going to run a Hitachi 16d nail gun , mostly....Looking at a Porter everything else, some luv em, some hate em...any input??? Thanks , rsbhunter
  2. melbo

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    Never had any problems for short term work with one although they lack the volume to run certain tools.

    I do however like my bunny with a pancake on his head!!
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  3. ghrit

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    Check carefully the CFM and pressure required for the nail gun and any other pneumatic tools you might want at some point. The last pancake I used was limited to 40 psi for a paint sprayer, and would not run an impact wrench that wanted 90 psi. Also check on the duty cycle, some compressors should not be run more than (say) half the time.

    Porter Cable used to be "good stuff, Maynard" haven't used their tools in quite a while.
  4. Harbin

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    I picked up a small Ciasons model off craigslist and have been happy with it, the CL around here is littered with small compressors that would work just fine for what you are planning to do with it. Pancake models work fine, you just can't fire nails too fast- gotta give it a chance to catch up. This may not sound bad, but it gets annoying when you are doing something like roofing or using a crown stapler to sheet gable ends (really rapid fire/ bump firing activities). When you move on to finishing and brad nailers they have no trouble keeping up, just don't think you will be able to run any impact tools off it.
  5. rsbhunter

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    What steered me towards the Porter Cable is my neighbor had a "Tuff Shed" set up in his back yard today, they bring them semi assembled, then put them together on site...Talking to the guys that did it, they seemsd impressed with the Porter Cable compressor they were using....granted, they weren't building a 2000sf house, but, on my build, it won't be a 10 hour day, build it in three day type of deal either....Just my ignorance of building should slow the project down to where a hand pump bicycle pump would do the job!!! But, i have time, and i'll keep i said, the CL here , most of the stuff is junk, and the prices are plain stupid....add another $75.00-$100.00 bucks and you can buy a new one...that hasn't been used for 2000 hours!!!rsbhunter
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    Have a framing nailer and a Honda powered twin tank pump. But--- best thing I ever bought for construction is a gas nailer. Needs no hose, compressor, and is lighter than the air nailer gun.
  7. melbo

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    Yeah, I ran Paslode framers and trim guns back in the day and as long as you kept them clean, inside - pistons, etc- they beat a tether any day.

    I actually never really like the air framers since they tended to double and triple tap whereas the gas gun was single hit-fire.
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    Thought about a "pancake compressor" but decided the vacum packer got them compact enough............. you can extend the usefulness of small compressors by putting a homemade accumulator in the line close to your work. Still won't handle impacts or air grinders well but helps to sustain the use of other tools. Most I see are freon or propane bottles and my own is PVC. Just keep the compressor regulated at 90psi or less.
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    I got all excited when I saw this, I was thinking "a way to put more pancakes in the pie hole with 1/2 the chewing!

    Really though, a pancake is ok, but if you are doing a lot of nailing or running 2 guns at once, a 9 gallon Rigid is hard to beat, I just sold my extra one last week for $150, so they are out their on CL's
  10. rsbhunter

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    I had looked at the gas fired nailers, but talked with Nadja, who (thankfully) informed me that at 10,000 feet in altitude, they lose alot of's gonna happen with my generator, and probably the compressor also...the Porter cable is capable of holding 150psi safely, which is supposed to help with the capacity of usable air.....This will be used 99.5% for building the cabin,,,,,basically a one shot (no pun intended) deal...then i'll sell the gun and compressor , most likely...rsbhunter
  11. BTPost

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    do not sell that stuff, till you have built all the Out Buildings as well..... .... from experience... YMMV.....
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  12. goinpostal

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    I have a couple of tanks on wheels that I scavenged from dead compressors.
    They've been modded to be used as stand alone,or as added capacity for a smaller compressor.
    Though bigger,one of these beats the dog squeeze out of one of the portable tanks,that wont even air a flat tire.
    It will also keep a smaller compressor from working so hard to keep up with demand.
    The best part is for the most part the setup is free.
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  13. rsbhunter

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    selling off

    I'll make sure i have all my buildings built before i do anything as far as getting rid of the stuff...It's just that i look around now at the stuff that is going to be sold, or given away when i do this move, and realize that it's way to easy to "collect" stuff that isn't used but a couple times , then stored for the next 10 years!!!! But it won't be sold until all my buildings are in place....But, thanks for the reminder, i have done things like that before and regretted it.....rsbhunter
  14. Nadja

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    Myself, I have a Honda Gas Air Compressor. When on remote jobs, it beats haveing to have a gennie running to run an air compressor alone just for a nail gun. Also have air drills and grinders that also run well on it
  15. STANGF150

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    Just remember to always have more storage than you think you NEED!!!
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