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    Pandemia - Genesis is part one in a series of books that relate the story of Mike and Liz Landis, a suburban couple faced with a new reality.

    Pandemia (Genesis): Nick Lancaster: Kindle Store

    An exotic and mysterious virus appears in China and spreads quickly to the United States. The US Government tries to quarantine the infection and also control the information being reported by the media.

    Despite rigorous protocols the virus manages to infect the general population and the rest of the world. Soon it's impossible to hide the truth from the public and society begins to fall.
    The remnants of humanity are faced with a desperate struggle as the world slips into darkness.

    Mike Landis has been preparing for a time when he could rely on only himself for survival. His planning and preparedness allows Liz and he to escape the madness as their world changes and their old lives are left behind.

    After retreating to the safety of northern Michigan, Mike and Liz use all of their resources and skills to stay alive.

    Fans of post-apocalyptic fiction and the discerning reader who enjoys a well-researched story with deep detail will appreciate this revised and updated edition of Pandemia - Genesis.

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    Link shows it at $.99

    Not a big diff and I ordered it, just FYI...
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    He says its on the 27th. Amazon lets you set the date in advance.

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    Got it. Reading it tomorrow.

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    Hey you crazy Monkey type people... while the book is no longer free, it is getting rave reviews... come read!
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    Just got it. Anxious to start reading.
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