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    I just have been finishing my reports on a Pandemic Flu Drill we had here in Alabama. One glaring issue is that our shelters would quickly become overloaded during a major pandemic. The drill was in a large sports arena and I could picture the choas of 10,000 people coming in for treatment. We did not have the staff to handle a surge of 2000 people in a city with a population of 200,000. We are expecting a infection rate of 10-25% and this will include health department staff.

    But wait it gets better. Antiviral doses State wide we have 500,000 doses of antiviral drugs in a State of 5 million. This is also to be used for key medical staff like me to be taken as prophylactic. I would also be really tempted to take some doses home for my family. We could get an additional 700,000 doses if no other state is having a outbreak at the same time. Well a pandemic by definition would be nation wide. All of the antiviral doses are part of the National Stockpile and the stae has little control over what is sent where. So New York could get our doses before we have the first case here in Alabama.

    All of this is to say be prepared for massive civil disruption. During the 1918 pandemic New York City did not have enough staff to run the Power plants and had blackout for a few days that happend over several months with each wave of the pandemic. The railroads had to close some routes because they didn't have the staff to run all routes.

    I am willing to bet that the genearl population of 1918 could handle a blackout or transportation shortage a lot better than we could today.

    I did get to try some new meals that the State is stockpiling for our shelters. Heatermeals is self contained meal that requires no refrigeration and has a good shelf life. They seem to be priced resonably well come in packs of 12 and taste good enough to be able to eat them for a few weeks. I would suggest them for someone looking for a good long term food supply for hurricanes flu pandemics or zombie attacks.

    I am glad I can carry in a shelter that I would staff because I think I might have to fight my way out. This last drill has made me realize that I might need an AK or shotgun for a truck gun in case I have to BugOut of the shelter.

    Shelter In Place is a video that is well intention and being put out to the genearl public today.
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    According to the news last night, there are a lot of counterfeit doses of anti-viral (some of it toxic) already in the states. Check the supplies and follow the money.

    Need a link for the chow packages. Sounds interesting and better than MRE's.
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    If you click on the Heatermeals the link is provided in the first post.

    These antiviral doses are in the goverment stockpile there are additional doses avaible in the private sector.
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    Link didn't come up. Got it now -- Thanx.
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    In an influenza pandemic (or any pandemic for that matter), the best way of insuring your family's safety is voluntary self-quarantine (no quick runs to the store, no trips to the mail box or ATM, just total lock-down). Unfortunately, the population density of the area in which you live determines how long you have to quarantine yourselves; in a small town, maybe 2-3 weeks, in a large city, maybe 2-3 months. This means that you have to have a supply of everything you will need, not just food and water, but toilet tissue, sanitary napkins, prescription drugs, etc. for the projected length of time you will need to lock the doors and hunker down. If you're going to need it, you have to have it in hand before the pandemic hits.

    This also brings up the question of what to do if Aunt Milly, Grandpa, your neighbors, or best friends from church need help and come to you. In cases such as these, you have to decide for yourselves. I don't have an answer for this. I would suggest, that you discuss this with your spouse, and make a decision before the fact when reason rather than emotion is in charge.
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